Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Stubby Day 3 - 5D focus

Another great day down here at Stubby lead 5D to the Earthquake Rescue Zone!


Luckily everyone made it through the rescue zone in one piece!

This afternoon, we had the challenge of learning how to use a compass - this was much trickier than it looked but by the end of the session, we could all use our compasses to navigate around the centre!


We've also designed, created and hidden mammal hotels around the conservation area (see 5M's blog post for pictures - Miss D was having too much fun creating her hotel... oops!). Photos to follow tomorrow when we check if we had any overnight visitors!

Once again, thank you for your comments on the blog - it's making us all feel very loved! Lots of Stubby postcards are winging their way home to you right now.

Love, Year 5 x

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  1. Well done everyone.I hope you all had a great day full of smiles and fun...Roksana enjoy the last day in Stubby.See you on Friday.Can't wait. Roksana's mum


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