Friday, 27 May 2016

Year 6 Hockney Landscapes

Year 6 have been studying the work of the artist David Hockney. We used his style to paint our own landscapes.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Year 2 Celebration Picnic

As a treat after working so hard over the past couple of week, Miss Derby and Mr Fairbank (along with the help of the amazing Mrs Croissant, Mr Samuelson and Mrs Kennedy) put on a picnic for all the fantastic Year 2 children. We danced, we ate, we smiled and we played. Take a look at these photos. We challenge you to not want to have joined us!

Mud Cafe

Come and visit our new Nursery mud cafe. We are selling mud pies, mud coffee and mud cake, all made by our professionals...come and have a taste!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Free Singing Workshop

Southampton Music Hub are running a free singing workshop at the Warren Centre on Saturday 4th June from 10.30 - 12 as part of choral clans. These are family singing workshops so parents and children are welcome to attend together. It's mostly aimed at ks2 upwards but all welcome, all adults welcome too though even if without family members! More information is here:

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Good bye butterflies

We have now released our 5 butterflies. We really enjoyed watching them grow from tiny little caterpillars to beautiful butterflies, but now they are ready for they new adventures under the sky. Our butterflies inspired us with our learning, too (check out our lovely writing in our 'Wow book'). Farewell butterflies.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Y4H - Belonging: Group Poems

This week we have been looking at performance poetry and writing poems in groups, based on the pictures from the Belonging book. We had to write in first person and use our senses, as well as poetical devices that we have been learning about. This included body percussion, because we wanted our poetry performances to be engaging for our audience. Take at look at our fantastic group work skills below. We all contributed to our groups and created some amazing poems.

Y4H - Belonging: Freeze Frames

In Y4H we have been creating freeze frames to show what was happening in the four pictures we looked at earlier in the week. One-at-a-time we broke out of the freeze frame, to explain to the audience how our character felt and what was going on! Take a look at our freeze frames!

Gruffalo Crumble

"And now my tummy is beginning to rumble, my favourite food is gruffalo crumble!" 

In nursery we are making a delicious gruffalo crumble. We used fruit for the base and mixed flour, sugar and butter for the top. Delicious!

Mayor making ceremony at the Guildhall

Shirley Warren Primary was invited to attend the 794th Mayor making ceremony at the Guildhall on Wednesday 18th May.  Here is the programme we were given.

Mrs Williams took 3 members of Green Council to the ceremony.  We met the Town Crier.

The outgoing Mayor took off her ceremonial robes and they new Mayor - Councillor Cathy McEwing - then put on the robes as she became Mayor. Well done to the children who came, as this was quite a long ceremony.

Friday, 20 May 2016


There was an Earthquake at Stubbington!!!! We had to work together in our teams to carry our equipment, save people and cross the obstacles. This was a tough challenge but the team work was amazing!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Day 4- Meet the chicks

We loved meeting baby chicks today. We even got to hold them and learn lots of different facts. Thanks to Mrs Mann and Mrs Short for visiting us too. 

Day 4- The 'S' Factor

Throughout the week the children have been able to work together in a team, with children from other schools. There were four teams altogether: The Badgers, kestrels, owls and foxes. Each team practised a song and performed it to everybody as well as taking part in team building games. Here's a couple of photos from the S factor.

Year 2's World Habitat home projects

A while ago, Year 2 were challenged to create home projects using our science project at the time, living things and their habitats. They had to make something to show one of the four world habitats that we learnt about.

You may have seen our work on display in the corridor outside the Key Stage 1 classrooms, but just in case you didn't, have a look at some of them below. What fantastic work they did!

We made projects to show the ocean, the rainforest, the desert and the arctic. Can you guess which project shows which world habitat? Which one was our favourite?

Y4H Egyptian Amulets

As part of our topic on the Ancient Egyptians Year 4 have found out about the importance of amulets. We used salt dough and pasta to create our own jewelry based on Egyptian designs. We are really pleased with the results!

RG class treat

Well done to all the children in RG for being amazing in their learning and behaviour and for earning their class reward! They voted for a choice so today we had our teddy bears picnic. We enjoyed the yummy food and had a lovely time with our teddies and toys! 

Day 4- Mammal study

We went to check on our mammal hotels this morning. We were in luck and found a field mouse. As a class we called her Charlotte! Here are some pictures of Charlotte. We learned how Charlotte has adapted to her surroundings to survive in the wild. She is a nocturnal animal so we released her into the wild just before lunch so she could catch up on her sleep!

Day 3- The hide

Last night was very exciting. We went to "The hide". We had to creep like little mice and watch out for animals. It was amazing- we were lucky enough to spot badgers and foxes right in front of our very eyes. Can you spot them?

Day 3- Orienteering

We had so much fun exploring the conservation area, when we went orienteering. Here are some photos. <

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Day 3- Mammal Hotels

Here's a look at how we made our mammal hotels. We used straw, hamster food, apples and raisins to make a lovely, safe home for small mammals. We have set them in the conservation area and will be checking to see if we will have any visitors in the morning. We will keep you updated tomorrow. It's very exciting!

Day 3- Animal detectives

Today we had a little bit of a debate with Miss Cooley. Miss Cooley has heard a new car park is going to be built in the conservation area. We had to convince her this is a terrible idea. We searched for clues and evidence that it would be a disaster if the beautiful area was covered in concrete. We found animal homes and paw prints.

Shirley Warren Zany Zebra

Well done to Caylan in Year 4 for winning the Zany Zebra competition. His design was chosen as it represented Shirley Warren through the colours, symbols and words he chose. 

Our zebra has now been delivered to the people at Marwell Zoo and will be put on display later this year as part of the Zany Zebra trail.  We will send details of this nearer the time. 

Well done to all the children that took part in the project, either by entering the competition or painting the design!

Thank you also to Green Council for choosing the winning design. 

Go Shirley Warren!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Stubbington Day 2- Seashore sculptures

This afternoon, we had another lovely time at the beach. Here are some photos of our art and super sand castles.

Caterpillar update

We are very excited to let you know that all the butterflies from RS are happy and very active. We are still waiting for RG's butterflies to hatch as they seem to be very comfortable in their cocoons. 

Exciting post from 10 Downing Street!

Year 6 have been learning about illnesses that are caused by sugar such as fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate etc.

We wrote letters to the Prime Minister to tell him about the sugar tax. We think that the new law about increasing prices of sugary drinks and other products with a high level of sugars will be very helpful.  This is because people would not buy a lot of sugary products, also when the price goes up on sugar things, fruit and veg can be cheaper, so they can eat more healthy things.

Surprisingly, we received a mysterious letter, but when Miss looked at the back, it said "10 Downing Street!"  The whole class (including the teachers) were all very excited.  It was from the Correspondence Officer because the Prime Minister was a bit busy.  It said that the letters were extremely well written and he was going to pass them to HM treasury.

Here is the letter!

By A and R in year 6

Stubbington, day 2- Pond dipping

Today we had a great time pond dipping. Can you spot the newts?

Day 2- Stubbington- Building shelters

We had the opportunity to build dens today. These are the largest ones built by any Year 5 group this year. Miss Cooley had a great time testing if they were water proof!

Monday, 16 May 2016

Day 1 Stubbington, Year 5

We have arrived safe and sound at Stubbington. Today we went to the the beach and looked for sea shells and fossils.We walked along the beautiful beach and admired the views. This evening we sketched pictures in the lovely weather.

Y4H - English

In English this week we have started to look at a new book. To begin with, we were given just these four pictures. We had to then write down our initial ideas and key vocabulary, as to what we thought the pictures were about and what we thought was happening in them. We then wrote questions, including what we wanted to find out about the images and the book. 

After looking at all four pictures, we were able to draw a conclusion that they were about a girl and her community and how it changes over time. Some of us came up with the idea that it is like a life cycle and environmental changes. We learnt a lot about the character, just through the pictures and the clues that we could find. 

By the end of the lesson, we guessing what the book was called, based on the knowledge that we had learnt from being a detective and looking deeper into the messages behind the pictures. This book is called: Belonging by Jeannie Baker.

P.S. Check back later on in the week to see the rest of our work, based on these four pictures!

Times Table Resources in Y4H!

Y4H have been busy bees creating times table resources for homework. Their mission was to create a revision guide, poster, or game to help them and their friends learn their times tables. We had a variety of resources to share with the class today and the games they had created looked great fun! Well done to those who did your homework! :) We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures!

Caterpillar news

Our very first caterpillar hatched over the weekend and is looking forward to drinking some nectar. How long before its friends are ready to emerge from their cocoons?

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Year 5 Square Numbers

Year 5 have been investigating square numbers. We made a resource to share with other children. We now know a square number is the number you get when you multiply an integer by itself. It is called a square number because they can be made into a square shape.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

An incredible amulet!

One of our incredible amulets from year 4! An amazing design and lots of patient craftwork! Well done! 

Year 4 Egyptian Amulets

This morning, we are making our Egyptian amulets from salt dough! 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Caterpillar update

Yesterday while we were busy learning our first caterpillar made its cocoon! We now have two more who are hanging ready to make their cocoons and we are excited to keep an eye on them all day today to see the changes. We just have one cheeky caterpillar who is still trying to disturb the others so we hope it doesn't carry on today as it is making the other caterpillars do a funny wiggle as they think they are in danger! 

Year 2's fantastic acting!

In Year 2, we've been learning about a very significant person from history, William Shakespeare. We are learning about one of his plays, A Midsummer Night's Dream, which was a comedy and a tragedy!

This week, we have started to learn about the fairies. They played a very important part in the play, and were probably the most important characters. We're learning the most about Titania... she has a very funny story line because she falls in love with a man with a donkey's head! How funny that is!

To help us write Titania's diary entry, we had a go at some role-play to try and get into character. We were pretending to be Titania as she faught with Oberon. Have a look at our acting - can you guess who is Titania and who is Oberon?

2D's messiest class reward ever...

2D recently got all of their frogs on our class lilipad, which meant we got to choose our class reward. We chose to decorate biscuits - gingerbread men, Jammie Dodgers, digestives and bourbons.

We had lots of fun with icing sugar, food colouring and decoration bits and pieces... have a look at the fun we had. What a mess we made! :)

Well done 2D for getting all of your class rewards and being superstars - keep up the hard work!

Monday, 9 May 2016

Winchester Science Centre

On Friday Reception had a brilliant trip to the Science Centre! They behaved perfectly on their first school trip and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We had a very busy day starting with looking at all the exhibits, exploring what we could do and talking about how things worked. We then had a short play in the sunshine before lunch. After lunch we went to the planetarium and watched a show about the planets. We loved the experience so much! We also learnt a lot about the different planets in our solar system. We then had another explore before it was time to come home. This week we will be writing and talking about the trip and what we liked best. Take a look at some of our pictures.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Shirley Warren Salon!

We opened up a new salon in nursery where you can come and get your hair washed, curled and styled by our professionals. Don't forget to get an appointment...we are getting pretty booked!

Y2D trip to St Jude's

As part of our RE topic on special places, Y2D walked up to St Jude's church. We met Padre Roy and enjoyed looking at all the special things in the church.

Y5 Music

Year 5 have been learning about accompaniment in their music lessons. We have learnt a song about the story of King Midas. They have learnt ostinatos, chord patterns and even played the melody line on their instruments - what a talented bunch!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Miniature Stone Henge Models

Our topic this term is The Stone Age. In English, we have been learning about instructional texts. We had the opportunity to make our very own model of Stone Henge. We used salt dough, which we made ourselves from scratch. 

We wrote our instructional texts "How to make a miniature Stone Henge" focusing on time conjunctions and imperative verbs. 
Here are some pictures of how we made it. Have a go at home. 
To make the dough we used: one cup of salt, one cup of flour and one cup of water. 

Sieve of Eratosthenes

Year 5 have been investigating properties of numbers. Today, children had to follow instructions using their knowledge of multiples to predict, identify patterns and explain their reasoning. 

After completing the investigation Kaitlyn and  Evelyn realised the numbers were Prime numbers. 
" We found out the numbers left in the grid are Prime numbers. Prime numbers have to be greater than one and can only be divided by itself and one" e.g 2, 3, 5, 7 

Bailey and Bethany recognised the prime numbers. They drew factor bugs to demonstrate the prime numbers. 

Miss Cooley decided to be a pupil in the class. We had to explain our reasoning to her.