Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Green Council trip to IKEA and St Dents Eco Warriors

On Monday 30th March, Shirley Warren's Green Council drove to IKEA to talk about being eco friendly. Then we went to St Denys school to meet their Eco Warriors!

What we found out was amazing!  we learnt a lot about how IKEA saves the environment.  Katie, who was our tour guide, showed us around and told us her secret about this table in the picture.
Instead of using lots of wood, they used short planks of wood and made the rest with air.  This saved more trees in the rain forests.  Not only does it save the trees, it helps animals and their habitats.

After a delicious lunch at IKEA, we went to St Denys School and met their Eco Warriors, who showed us around their school and told us how they stay Eco friendly.  When we were in the kitchen they told us about the TetraPak recycling, which was for anyone in their community.

They would like to come to our school and see how we help the environment in our community.

By a Year 6 Green Council member.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Playing with Play scripts in Y4

This morning in literacy Y4 put their acting and attention skills to the test by doing a freeze frame read out of "The Witch Who Nicked Happiness". Each group had to be ready as they never knew when "FREEZE" would be called or whose group would read next!

Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Big Spring Sing

Year 3 sang their hearts out with children from Oakwood, Fairisle Infants and Newlands in our Big Spring Sing. we sang sea shanties and other folk songs and really enjoyed ourselves.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Year 4's Rock Band

Year 4 had the pleasure of sharing the product of their musical learning journey this morning when parents and friends came to watch them perform.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Caterpillar world in reception

The caterpillars inspired the children to create their own Caterpillar World. Using plasticine they modelled some long and some smaller caterpillars. Using pulses they created patterns on the caterpillars' back. Can you spot the real caterpillars in the background? They are now in their cocoons. We are very much looking forward to the emerging butterflies. Let's just hope this will happen before end of term.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Year 3B Science Morning

We had a noisy but very fun morning in 3B today! After watching the eclipse we all had a go at making our own instruments and thought about what was making the vibrations. We made straw flutes, sound sandwiches and even made chicken noises with a plastic cup! After our super sound activities we all learnt what part of our instruments were making the vibrations and what we could do to our instruments to change the sounds they made. 

Year 2's Science Morning

Year 2 had an exciting time learning about lots of different elements of science. We experimented with electricity, forces, friction, observations and reactions. Everyone had so much fun! Tank you to all the parents that came.

Mysterious Matter in Year 5!

For National Science week the school celebrated with a science morning. Parents were invited in to help in the classroom. In Year 5 we watched the eclipse this morning, and listened to hear the eerie silence! After that, we were able to start our experiments. We created our own mystery matter with cornflour and water...it's really easy to do, if you wanted to try it at home! We tried to answer the question...is it a solid or a liquid? If you put force upon it, it is a solid, but if left it will be a liquid (for example, if you roll it into a ball in your hands, it will become a solid ball, but if you stop rubbing it together, it goes back to being a liquid).It was really fun, and we loved trying out the experiment!! We did however create a terrible mess that wasn't so fun to clean up! Thank you to all of the people who came in to help us.

Making Gloop in Year 1

We had a fabulously frantic Friday for Science Week. Parents were invited into class and we made Gloop. Our focus this term has been 'Materials' and this is an example of a slightly unusual material. Here are some pictures are what we made.

RG Science Morning

Wow, what a brilliant and busy morning we had! We did some super learning today about the butterfly life cycle, plants, sinking and floating, the seasons and we even made gloop! We loved the activities so much we have even been doing them this afternoon in our Plan, Do, Review time. We also enjoyed watching the eclipse despite all the cloud. Thank you to all the parents that joined us it was lovely to see so many of you.

Exciting Electric Experiments with Year 4

Year 4 were super scientists this morning! We had a blast exploring circuits, conductors and insoulators!
We also watched the solar eclipse live from the BBC website! 

Y2 ocarina

Year 2 are all learning to play the Ocarina. They have learnt a gentle tune called 'Night Light'. Can you hear the classes playing a duet?

Science in Reception

We didn't let the disappearing Sun ruin our fun: we became scientists for the morning to celebrate British Science Week. 

Y3 Sing Up Day

Year 3 had lots of fun performing together a song in Spanish called 'Bate bate chocolate'. Enjoy it here!

Do you want to know how water is transported through a plant? Then ask Y6L!

This picture clearly shows the water moving through the xylem.

Sing Up Day with Y4

Celebrating Sing Up Day was a delightful change of pace as we happily incorporated music and singing into our week.  We finally settled on "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars to record as a class and we really enjoyed it!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Y2 National Singup Day

Year 2 got singing on National Sing up Day. Y2M sung about a Friendly Robot and Y2J sang the Drunken Sailor.

click here to listen

Our Big Family Sing

We had a great time singing together. Thank you to all the mums, dads, brothers and sisters that came along to sing. You all sounded great!

If you want to get involved come along to Community Choir, Thursday 3.15-4.15 in the Music Room. Everyone is welcome.

Funky Year 6!

Some of our talented Year 6 pupils created their own band and performed 'Take me to the Funk'!

Listen here

Y5 Singup Day

What a talented bunch Year 5 are. Hear them singing 'As One' here.

As One

Choir Performance

Wow! Listen to the amazing Key Stage 2 choir perform this year's Singup Day Song 'I'm Still Singing'.

I'm Still Singing

National Sing Up Day in RG

Yesterday we had a brilliant day doing some extra signing for National Sing Up Day. Our topic at the moment is 'Growing' and in RE we have been learning about new life. Mrs Bullas has taught us The Chicken Song and we love it!

Singup Day 2015 - Singing playground!

We had a wonderful day of celebrating singing in our school! What a talented school we are!

These children were even singing in the playground:

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Science visitor

We were very lucky to have a Science come into to school to launch our Science week. We all learnt so much and he showed us many different, interesting experiments. We can't wait to try some of our own experiments when parents are invited in for our special Science morning on Friday 20th at 9am.

Year 1 on National Sing Up Day

We had a fabulous day for National Sing Up day. We do lots of singing during a normal week, and this is one of the songs we have learnt recently. Our topic this term has been 'Homes: Old and New', so we learnt this song. We hope you enjoy it.

Sing up with Y6L- 'cause we're happy!

For a better quality video please click on this link.

Monday, 16 March 2015


We had a very exciting delivery in Reception last week - some caterpillars! We are going to be watching them grow into butterflies which we will then release. We will be learning about the life cycle of the caterpillar to butterfly transition and watching this as it happens to our caterpillars.

They have already grown lots bigger over the weekend so we are excited to see what will happen this week! 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Year 2 Learn to Swim Programme

Excellent behaviour and effort in the pool today. Well done to the children from 2J and 2M. Everyone is making great progress.


Up in Y3R we have had a great day for comic relief! We all got to dress up in our own clothes and some of us got to design our own red noses!
Here is one of our wacky class showing off his crazy face.
We are looking forward to speaking to the link school in Zambia and hope our money has gone a long way to help them! 

Year 3B Parts of the flower

In science this week 3B have been learning about the parts of the flower. We learnt that the carpel is the female part of the plant and the stamen is the male part. Mrs Biss brought in some flowers that we could look at and we dissected them to see if we could find the stamen and the carpel. When we cut the carpel open we even found lots of tiny seeds! After that we made some amazing flower models out plasticine and annotated them with them the parts of the flower we knew.  

Put on a Funny Face

We all really enjoyed learning and performing this year's Red Nose Day Song - 'Put on a Funny Face!'

If you enjoy listening to it, why not make a donation to Comic Relief?

Shirley Warren FC

Great win for SWFC on Wednesday night. We are now 3rd in the league. Great win lads. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Year 2 Exploring Plants & Animals!

In Science this week, Year 2 have been investigating the plants and animals 
that live around our school.

Drumming Assembly

We had great fun playing Bamboo Tamboo with Matt this morning. We're looking forward to doing more in Percussion Club next term!

KS1 Film Night

Children in Year R, 1 and 2 had another opportunity to attend the very successful Film Night. This time they watched Aladdin, and with popcorn and refreshments, all were having a great time.

A message for the Governors

In school today for Governance Audit conducted by Southampton City Council Children and Family Services Division. Basically, a thorough look-see to make sure that everything the Governing Body and its sub-committees do is conducted properly. Based on the feedback that Alison and I received, I think we’ve come out pretty well. The official report will come out in about 4 – 6 weeks’ time and be discussed at the next available Governing Body Meeting. Whilst the auditor from Southampton City Council was doing her stuff, (nearly 4 hours of ploughing through paperwork!), I took the opportunity to do a school walkabout. These walkabouts can give a real insight to the school and represent a chance to see what’s going on in class; on the playground, around the school in general, as well as talking to the children and staff and keeping an eye out for any health and safety issues. Overall, really pleased. Everything was as it would be on any other day of the week and so to find a welcoming learning environment, loads of examples of good learning, great displays and very well-behaved and polite pupils was a credit to the children and all the staff. Well done! Dave Denholm - Governor

Monday, 9 March 2015

World Book Day in Year 1F

We had a great day dressing up for World Book Day in Year 1. We had a massive range of characters, from Oliver Twist to Little Red Riding Hood. We took part in a book treasure hunt, finding particular characters and events in books.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Growing Result

Earlier in the week we mentioned that in Recpetion we had planted our own seeds and here they are... 

We have grown cress! Did you guess correctly? 

We have tried very hard to look after them and it has certainly paid off! Mrs Smith and Miss Griffiths will continue to look after them over the weekend ready for Monday. We are going to try our cress in some sandwiches, yummy! 

World Book Day - RG

We loved celebrating World Book Day yesterday! We were so excited to wear our costumes (and I think you'll agree that we look great!) and talk about who we were. We spent the morning telling our friends all about our character and the book we come from and then doing some writing based on this. 

Y6 World Book Day Song

Year 6 composed and performed their very own World Book Day Song! Can you hear all the different books they mention in the lyrics?

Y3R World Book Day

Yesterday was world book day and Y3R, along with the whole school, celebrated it in some style. We had a wide range of different book characters in our class and we did lots of fun activities throughout the day. In the afternoon we drew our own book covers and here are the results! We were all very proud with what we achieved and can't wait to buy ourselves a new book with our book vouchers. 

World Book Day in Year 5 and 6!

Yesterday (Thursday 5th March) was World Book Day. To celebrate the children were able to come to school dressed as their favourite character from a book, we then shared these to the class. Even the teachers dressed up! The children made a great effort and looked fantastic! We had a special World Book Day assembly in the morning, where Miss Lott read us a book that was special to her. In the afternoon, Year 5 and Year 6 joined together, and they got to enjoy storytelling from the teachers and TAs. After that we introduced a competition ran by World Book Day, where children can design their own book token. We had great fun, and everyone came away wanting to read a new book!

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Celebrating World Book Day in Reception

Little story characters invaded our school today: from Pinocchio to brave knights, princesses to butterflies and many more. The children introduced their characters. Can you guess who this might be?
"I ate a shiny red apple and fell asleep. And a prince kissed me and I woke up and lived happily ever after." (Child's words)

Y4 Conscience Alley

During our study of The Iron Man, Y4 has been exploring the different characters in the book. Recently Hogarth, one of our main characters, made a tricky decision.  To explore how he must have felt and why, we did a conscience alley where we had to either agree or disagree with Hogarth's choice.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

U11 football League Tournament

Here are some of our children from year 3, 4 and 5 lining up before the Saints Foundation tournament. Really well done. 

Time Genius

In year 6, we have been learning about time.On the 24 hour clock we had a quiz to find out who can understand times such as am and pm.

We already knew that 23:00 is 11:00 o'clock at night because in the morning it's up to 12, then at 1 o'clock it is 13:00 because after 12 it's 13. So you need to add 12 to find your 24 hour time.

We had had to solve time worded problems using a time line to get on a bus in Wales. I was leaving from Cardiff and I needed to get to Swansea. How long would it take?

I found out that Cardiff to Newport was 77 minutes and Newport to Swansea was 48 minutes.

If we ever want to go to Wales then we will know what route to take!

Year 1 Fraction Work

In our Maths, we have been learning find fractions of shapes and numbers. We have been finding halves and quarters and we had great fun cutting our own shapes into fractions too. Can you guess what fraction we were learning about in this photo?

Monday, 2 March 2015

Growing in Reception

Today we have started our new topic in Reception - growing! We will be looking at both plants and animals over the coming weeks but today we started learning about plants. We have even planted our own seeds to start our learning journey!

These are our seeds can you guess what they are?
 Keep your eyes peeled on the blog later in the week to see how well we have looked after them and what we have grown!