Friday, 15 July 2016

Talent Show

Key Stage 2 had loads of fun this afternoon in our talent show. We saw amazing skills in music, football, gymnastics, dance and even magic! Well done everyone who performed - sorry to those we ran out of time for - hopefully we can see your skills in class!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

2D's attendance celebration!

2D had the best day today! We got to go to Beaulieu Treehouse for a special trip because we had the best attendance in the school with 97%! It was such a great time; we pretended to be moles, pretended to be badgers, did some slimy pond dipping and learnt how to build a fire! We even got to toast some yummy marshmallows on the fire! What a fantastic day it was!

Have a look at some (read: lots of) photos of us having a wonderful time...

2D, thank you for being so great on the trip. Your behaviour was fabulous as always and you continue to be great at showing off Shirley Warren with your enthusiasm, concentration and excitement for our lovely trips.

Also a big, massive, huge, gigantic thank you to Mrs Worley for organising the trip, as well as all of the lovely adults that came along today: Mrs Short, Mrs Croissant, Miss Holdorph, Mr Samuelson, and the fantastic family helpers that come on every single trip - you are all awesome!

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to 2D (again) for having such great attendance this year. It has meant that you have worked hard and made fantastic progress, and I am so, so proud of you all. Plus, it means I got to spend loads of time with you all which is just my favourite thing to do. As I always say... it's my favourite kind of day when everybody's here!

Community sing!

The community choir and staff enjoyed a singalong in the pp room this evening. Voices of angels!

Bike Event at The Hub

Exciting news! The bike tickets have been collected throughout the year by children who have been at school every day in a week. The box with the tickets in had to get bigger and bigger as more tickets were collected. Last week, the assembly came when the winner was drawn. She then went to The Hub to be measured for her bike and choose the colour and the accessories that she wanted. What a lucky girl she is!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Year 4H Rainforest Applique

Year 4 have enjoyed their art project this term. They used shapes inspired by the rainforest to create a design. Then they dyed their material using natural dyes like beetrooot, spinach, tumeric, tea and coffee. Finally they sewed their shapes together. We are really pleased with the finished results.

Year 4 soundbites concert

Year 4 impressed us all with their music concert this morning. The children performed their own blues song and played party pieces on violins, ukuleles, clarinets and trumpets.they even sang in 3 parts.

They sounded amazing and we are really looking forward to what they achieve in Year 5.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Imagine the Future - special cruise!

Today was a very exciting day for 3 selected Year 6's as we boarded the Red Falcon belonging to Red Funnel ferries and went for a cruise towards the Isle of Wight.

We were with pupils from other schools around the city to help Southampton City Council plan their health and wellbeing provision for our young people.

We had workshops from sixth formers in schools and colleges in the city and the most exciting thing was that our school won the trophy for "best contribution!"  Here it is.

After that, we were allowed on deck. We met the assistance dogs and saw Osborne House and the Isle of Wight and Ben Ainslie's boat practicing for an important race.

Here are the Year 6's doing their Titanic impression in front of the Isle of Wight.

We are so proud of our three school representatives.

Year 6 biscuit baking bonanza!

Year 6 have had an exciting day of D&T! We were tasked with creating a new biscuit, including packaging. Obviously we had to understand our target market before even beginning to think of ideas, so we had to conduct a blind taste-test of Miss Dickinson's favourite biscuits. We then considered what makes for good packaging and designed our own. We challenge you not to feel hungry whilst looking at these pictures!

Monday, 11 July 2016

Green Council Trip to Aldermoor Farm and Newlands School

Today Green Council had a day trip to the farm and then Newlands School.

First we visited Aldermoor Farm, and we made history by being the first school trip to visit the farm since Richard took it over in April 2014 to be a farm for the community - a co-operative. We found out you can pay £1 to be part of the co-operative.

We had a great time doing fun things like feeding the chickens, but farmer Richard also put us to work shovelling wood chips to make a new planting area.

After that, we went to visit Newlands School to see the amazing work their Eco Club has been doing this year.  We had a tour of the school and also got to go out to play with the children, which was very exciting.

Thank you to Richard at Aldermoor Farm and Sam at Newlands for helping us to have a fabulous time.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Year 3S Roman Pottery!

During our trip to Butser Farm, we made clay thumb pots by using the clay they had dug out of the soil. We had to roll the ball of clay around in our hands and pick out any stones or grass that we found. It was a very messy job! We then had to put our thumb into the middle of the ball and make a lovely shaped pot. We then decorated the pot using a feather to design patterns along the sides of the pots. We left them to dry over half term. When we came back, we researched into Roman Pottery and designed a pattern for our pots. We learnt that they didn't use a lot of colour for Roman Pottery. We painted them carefully to include the patterns we had planned. After it had dried, we glazed the pottery to make it shiny. Have a look through the pictures of us holding our Roman Pots!

Key Stage 2 Sports Day!

We had a lovely afternoon for the Key Stage 2 sports day. The children worked really well as a team and supported and cheered each other on. We all tried our best during the different events. The relay was amazing at the end, with Year 3 through to Year 6 working as colour teams to win the race. The parents race was great fun for us to watch and to cheer the adults on! I hope you enjoy looking through the photos from the day.

Y4H Science!

This week in science, we have been investigating states of matter. We experimented with ice cubes, to see which ice cube would melt the quickest, in different temperatures of water. 

We finished up with a fun game - who could melt their ice cube the quickest! There were many different approaches to this game, some people were rubbing it between their hands, others decided to suck the ice cube, others were blowing their hot breath on it! It was very amusing to watch and great fun to do, even if it did make us cold and flood all of the tables! 😂

Friday, 8 July 2016

Instrumental Concert

Wow! Our musicians just keep getting better and better. We were blown away by the talent showed by the children today. Year 5 and 6 performed on bassoon, flute, violin, viola, trumpets, tenor horns, guitars, ukuleles and percussion. They sounded fantastic and showed amazing musicianship. I am so proud of you all!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Sounds from the Stadium

Year 5 and 6 had an amazing time at St Mary's Stadium yesterday. We performed and sang our hearts out. Look here for our starring role on BBC news and here for our photos in the echo

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Year One Traveled Around the UK!

In Year One we have started to learn all about aviation and the countries in the United Kingdom. We decided we wanted to write an exciting adventure story about flying around the UK on an aeroplane. So, we created our own aeroplane in our school hall and flew to the different countries where we learned lots about the characteristics of each country... including special foods! We had so much fun and really enjoyed being passengers on Year One Airways! 
Our Flight around the UK

Lepe Beach adventures!

Year 2 had the most awesome time ever at Lepe Beach today! We just got back half an hour ago and it's fair to say that we are exhausted...! What a fun time we had!

Today, we had 3 different activities going on:

  • Scavenger Hunt - finding things on the beach and using them to make a piece of seaside art on the beach. 
  • Lepe Explorer - looking around the area of Lepe and using things that we found using our senses to make potions!
  • Story Walk - listening to a story as we explored Lepe's meadows, ending with a lovely "picnic" at the beach with our animal friends.

Basically... it was AWESOME. 

Have a look at these photos to see what we got up to:

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Loopy maths with loop cards!

In Year 2 this week we've been practicing different ways of doing division as part of our learning journey. We've practiced using groups, started learning about repeated subtraction, found ways to solve division mentally and even started a little bit of work on remainders.

To apply the skills that we have practiced or maybe even learnt this week, we played a bit of a game with a partner. This also helped us apply our skills from our previous learning journeys of addition, subtraction and multiplication.

We used our skills to see if we could complete a loop of Loop Cards using all four operations. After we finished our loop, we had a go at making our own (which some of us found very tricky!) and then swapped around our cards to see if they worked. One thing we really had to practice was our maths presentation skills because otherwise our friends wouldn't be able to read it!

Have a look at our work:

Friday, 1 July 2016

Send my Friend to School Day 2016

This morning we had a special assembly to show the work we had been doing for the Send My Friend to school campaign 2016.

We had made backpacks with items which we would like our friends to take to school and we wrote messages for world leaders to ask them to help support the campaign so that all children can have free access to education.

Our MP, Alan Whitehead, came in and toured the school and then we presented him with our backpacks to take to parliament.  He promised to send a photo of some of them in front of Big Ben, where he works in the House of Parliament.

Thank you for coming, Alan.