Monday, 24 July 2017

Year 6 leavers' assembly

Well done to Year 6 - an amazing leavers' assembly! I am so proud of all the hard work you have put into learning your lines, practising the songs and creating your costumes. 
I know that you are going to have a fantastic time at secondary school. Thank you for a wonderful year!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

KS2 Talent Show

Music! Magic! Dance! Gymnastics! Acting! Comedy! Key Stage 2 showed us their amazing talents on Friday afternoon.

Well done to everyone who took part - you were fantastic!

Friday, 21 July 2017

Music Awards

Children in Years 5 & 6 received their music awards in assembly today.

Some children were awarded for their effort for this term and other achieved a Southampton Music Services 'Con Brio' Award.

What an amazing bunch of musicians!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Folk Dance with Year 5 and Year 2

We all had a wondeful afternoon of British Folk Music.

Year 2 and Year 5 cmae together to sing, dance and play. We learnt some traditional folk dances and played along with spoons and ukulele.

It was lots and lots of fun!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Feeling French in 6D!

6D have had a great time this morning making our video for French Day - Pret a Preparer! Based on Ready Steady Cook, we learnt all the vocabulary needed to produce our own mini show. Afterwards, we got to make our own crepes, asking for ingredients in French. We got pretty messy... check it out!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Music Concert at Oasis

We are so lucky to have such a vast amount of musical talent at Shirley Warren.

Last Thursday children performed in front of a huge audience of family and friends at Oasis theatre, Lordshill. 

We heard from:

KS1 choir
KS2 Choir
Community Choir
KS2 brass, violins, woodwind, guitars and piano solo.

The children were astounding and made us all very proud.

To watch a slideshow of the photos from the evening please click here.

Year 4 Music Concert

Year 4 have been taking part in the In2Music project this year. All the children have been learning to play trumpet, flute, bassoon or viola. Today was their last performance to mums and dads. The children played and sang and sounded fantastic.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Green Council Double trip to Lymington Solar Farm and Aldermoor Farm

Today, 11 members of our school Green Council took their waterproofs with them and set off on an adventure.

First we went to Solent Solar Farm where we saw over 9,000 panels which produce a lot of electricity. Cathy, who showed us around, helped to design and build the Solar Farm which has only been running for three years. We saw the cables that joined the panels to the mains - some of them were very heavy!
 In the afternoon, we visited a different kind of farm. Aldermoor Community Farm is a co-operative in Aldermoor Road and farmer Richard had lots of jobs lined up for us to do. First Richard got out his Lego and made a model. Then he put it in the bin! He got it out again, of course, but he was showing us that we can reuse many things and make them into other things. We shouldn't just throw things away without thinking if we can use them for something else. In the photo we are guessing what H has made out of the blocks.
 Here we are collecting plants to make Comfrey Tea. This isn't for people to drink, it's for plants! We had to find the comfrey plant, take off the leaves, break them up and put them in a barrel. After about four weeks they turn into fertiliser for other plants.
Another job we had to do was planting bean seeds. We used Aldermoor farm's special compost and carefully put each seed in each space. We put a lid on them so mice don't come and eat the seeds.

 We went inside the second polytunnel to see the tomato plants and also saw where the cucumbers grow. At the end Richard kindly gave each child a cucumber.
If you visit the farm when it's open you could also buy chicken food for 20p and Richard let us try this activity out. I think you can see from the smiles that everyone enjoyed this activity, even though it started raining heavily.
We are so lucky to have this community farm so near our school and want to thank Richard for another brilliant trip. Even though the weather wasn't good for us - though the plants liked it - all the children loved it and for us teachers it was exciting to see how much Richard and the team have done since we took a group last year.

You can find more about Aldermoor Community Farm online - they often have open days on Bank Holiday Mondays as well as being open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 9am-5pm. Maybe you could visit in the summer holidays and feed the chickens.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Nursery Sports Day

Nursery Sports Day

We had a fantastic day being sporty and trying lots of different physical activities.  A big well done to everybody who took part and thanks to the parents who came to cheer us on!

Monday, 3 July 2017

We're supporting Send My Friend To School!

Last week our whole school took part in 2017's Send My Friend to School initiative.

One Year 6 student said, "We had the outline of a school and then we had 5 jigsaw spaces on the school and we had about 10 jigsaw puzzle pieces and we had to think which 5 were the most important.  For example I put equality for both sexes and I put toilets and I put school lunches, I put trained teachers and books.

It was hard to choose because they were all really important. There was soap, sinks and hygienic classrooms, but I think those were the most important.

We coloured them in and we wrote what was most important about education and then our MP Alan Whitehead came in and we gave him our Send My Friend jigsaws. He kept them to take to London to tell the other MP's about it. We hope to achieve that all schools - even if they're not in England - have all of those things."

Green Council members chat to Alan Whitehead MP

This is a report from one of our Year 6 pupils about the visit of Alan Whitehead MP to Shirley Warren Primary school today.

"On Monday 3rd of July, 4 year 6 pupils and one year 5 pupil got to meet Southampton's MP Alan Whitehead!!

We got the lucky chance to have about an hour with Alan to ask him questions about what it's like being a MP! We also had the chance of telling Mr Whitehead all about our school and and about the Green Council! Here's a question I asked Mr Whitehead: What started you wanting to be an MP? He said he's been in the City Council and led it for many years and he wanted to represent the City of Southampton in Parliament in London. He considered it and thought about how big the chance of actually being MP and he got the support of the Labour party and went around campaigning to give himself a good image to all the people in the city. Mr Whitehead campaigned a couple of times because he wasn't elected but perseverance kept him going!"

We also found out one thing he was proud of (2008 Act of Parliament about climate change), what motivates him on a bad day (thinking about things that have gone well) and his next big focus (as Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change).
On behalf of all of us at Shirley Warren Primary and Nursery Campus, thank you Alan for visiting our school today.