Monday, 19 February 2018

It's Good To Be Me!

We spent our first day back after a well rested half term, celebrating ourselves as individuals.  The day began with us investigating our fingers and thumbs and recognising that each individual has their own prints, unlike anyone else on this world. Using this idea, (and making some mess with the ink!) we created a 'thumbprint self portrait' to show what other qualities make us different to others. This involved things we enjoyed doing, where we come from, what we wear and what we eat, to name a few. Some of us discussed ambitions and things we'd like to improve about ourselves, which led us nicely into the second focus of the day - the power of 'Yet'. 

 After exploring things we feel we'd like to improve on, we discussed in great depth what we can do ourselves to help develop these skills and how our attitude can affect things massively! Within our learning this half term, we have decided to really conquer the idea of a growth mindset and remaining positive when faced with problems which we can't solve...YET! 

Rob's Remarkable Run!

Here are a few photos of Rob running through our school on the Friday before half term, as he celebrated his 50th birthday by running 50 miles around the outskirts or Southampton. We are thrilled to be able to share the results of the fundraising which raised £390.13, with the winning class, 5M raising £52.71 We would like to thank all families who donated and are pleased to say that we can now commission work on our playground markings, which will be completed as soon as possible.

Our Super Reading Corner!

Today 1L enjoyed having a lovely reading time in our new, super reading corner.

It was great to watch children get excited and enthusiastic about reading books.

They read brilliant and shared books nicely.

Keep it up 1L and I am really glad you like the new corner :)

Thursday, 15 February 2018

1S are Building Surveyors !!

Little Pig 1 was so excited when he received the pictures of the houses 1S built that he wrote back asking for a bit more information to help him and his brother choose which house would keep them safe. He wanted to know the materials each house was made of and why the properties of those materials would help keep him safe and dry.

We discovered that building surveyors help people by writing reports for houses advising what materials they are made of, if they are safe and how they could be improved. So, armed with our safety jackets and clipboards, we made notes as we investigated each of the houses Little Pig 1 was interested in to help us decide which house would be most suitable. After this we chose the house we thought would keep the pigs safe and wrote to them explaining why.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Family Learning in 1S

The children in 1S had a fantastic time showing their parents what they have been learning this half term.We have been learning about materials and traditional tales. It has been a busy few weeks. We have enjoyed baking gingerbread men and writing instructions for Mrs Mann. We have created character descriptions for our Wanted Posters to help catch The Big Bad Wolf and designed new homes to keep The Three Little Pigs safe.

We hope you all enjoyed sharing our learning with us!

Helping The Three Little Pigs - 1S

We have been learning all about the properties of different materials this term in 1S. When we found out that two of The Three Little Pigs needed a new house, we decided to put our new knowledge to the test and design and build them a new home. We had to decide which materials would be strong and stable enough to stop the new house from being blown down whilst keeping the pigs warm, safe and dry.
After lots of careful thought and designing there were some very impressive houses built. In fact Mr Soffe was so impressed he emailed pictures of them to The Three Little Pigs!

Friday, 9 February 2018

Brass performance

KS2 were treated to a performance from some of our very talented Y5 and Y6 brass players!

African Drumming

The drums have been sounding across Shirley Warren this half term! Children in Y2, 3 , 5 and 6 have been learning about Djembe drums, from West Africa. We have been playing beats and rhythms and composing our own drumming pieces. Parents came and joined us for a family learning drumming session which we all really enjoyed!

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Year 3's Have been building the Titanic in Dance ! We have been exploring both Unison & Canon as well as turns & levels with repeated patterns. After half term, we will add travelling pathways and shapes with contact. 

2S Class assembly!

2S gave an amazing performance today for their class assembly! We crammed in loads of information that we've learnt about Florence Nightingale. There were some very clever nurses in Southampton General who told the story of Scutari Hospital in the Crimean War. Some children also showed off their super writing in role as Billy, a soldier who was treated by Florence Nightingale. Here's us doing a fantastic job!

If you want to sing along with us and hear the song we sang, click here!

Well done 2S, I'm so proud of you :)!

3N Safer Internet Day

We learnt a lot on safer Internet day about the importance of being safe online and who we talk to on our favourite games that we like to play. We know that we should show our adults if anyone we don't know tries to speak to us and 'lock it, block it, show it, tell it'! 

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

4T Internet Safety Day

Yesterday was Internet Safety Day and in Year 4T we were focusing on how to show kindness when online.

First, it was quiz time to see how internet-smart we were...


Then we thought about the qualities that make a good friend and how someone can show those qualities when they are online.
We encouraged each other by sharing with everyone in the class different qualities that make each of us great friends. Then we thought about how we can show those qualities when we are online.

Here are some of the things we thought:

Here are a few of our tips: 
- A good friend online is someone who doesn't pass on any pictures or videos that you don't like and always asks their permission first. 
- A good friend online always says kind and encouraging things.
-A good friend online includes friends in their games, rather than leaving someone out. 

Safer Internet Day in 2S!

We had great fun yesterday learning all about connections online. How are we connected? Who to? We made a class 'web' of connections. Some of the people, places and things we were connected to linked to other people's plates, making an even bigger web! This is just like the internet. What fun we had!

Year 1 are being good friends on the internet.

On Safer Internet day Year 1 talked about using the internet safely whilst playing games or using You Tube, and if children saw anything scary, upsetting or unkind to...

Lock it, Block it, Show it, Tell it. 

Ask your child to show you the actions to help them remember this.

The day's activities and discussions helped them analyse online behaviour.

So that they could identify the best ways that they could keep themselves safe when they are online.

Also they created a pledge of what they will do to be a good friend, on a puzzle piece.

Some suggestions from the children were to...
'Not laugh at others falling down'
'Be kind to our friends'
'Never say unkind words about people's work'

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Safer Internet Day: Advice

As you know, today was 'Safer Internet Day.'  The children spent the day taking part in activities and discussions to help them analyse their online behaviour so that they could identify the best ways that they could keep themselves safe when they are online.

To help you support your child in this, we have included information from the 'Safer Internet Day' website which is specifically aimed at parents. 

Safer Internet Day in Year R

Today in Reception, we talked about the people who help to keep us safe.  
The children had lots of ideas: Mums and Dads, wider family members, teachers, doctors, police and friends all help to keep us safe.
We then drew around our hands and wrote down these special people we felt we could talk to, if we needed help or were worried about something.  

We then talked about using the internet safely and playing games or using You Tube, and if children saw anything scary or upsetting to...
Block it, Lock it, Show it, Tell it.  Ask your child to show you the actions to help them remember this.

Year 6's Coding Conundrums!

Today, Year 6 got to grips with brand new coding software called Crumble. It is made up of the computer program as well as physical parts which all have to be wired correctly in order for our algorithms to work. It was quite fiddly and technical but everyone persevered and managed to at least program their sparkles to light up!
Some even managed to complete a traffic light sequence including multiple sparkles. Great effort!

3S' Safer Internet Day

Today, we started to explore the theme for Safer Internet Day 'Create, connect and show respect: A better internet starts with you' We watched a video, which told us all about sharing our personal information online. We thought the girl in the video made some very bad decisions and we thought of ways that we could have helped her if we were her friend. Then we completed a quiz in which we did really well! We completed a puzzle piece about how we would be a good friend and created a wristband of the good deed we were going to do today! We are SMART safe on the internet :)

2J Do Safer Internet Day!

This morning, we learned all about this year's theme for Safer Internet Day - "A Better Internet Starts With You." 

We thought about how were connected to different places because this is a bit how the internet works. We used pictures, paper plates, drawings and lots and lots of wool. We are definitely connected in 2J!! After that, we made a promise about how we could be a good friend on the internet. 

KS1 Safer Internet Day Assembly

It's Safer Internet Day today! Here we are in our KS1 assembly this morning finding out all about the day. We practised "Lock it, Block it, Show it, Tell it" to remind us what we need to do to keep ourselves safe. 

Year 1 have a Big Sing!

Year 1 have been involved in a 'Big Sing workshop'.

All the children joined in with singing and creating actions for songs about: washing hands, brushing their teeth and riding a bike.

Lucy the workshop leader was super impressed with Year 1's coordination and beautiful singing voices :)

Friday, 2 February 2018

Young Voices at the O2

47 children from the KS2 choir had the night of their lives at the O2 arena on Tuesday.

We joined 7,500 children in the Young Voices choir and sang to a packed arena of parents and friends.

We also got to hear performances from professional musicians Natalie Williams, Alfie Sheard and The Magnets, as well as seeing some epic dancing from Urban Strides.

I was so very proud of all the children for their hard work in learning all the songs and coming to rehearsals. Watching their faces as they sang brought me to tears - you were all so EXTRAORDINARY!

Year 6 PE

In P.E., Year 6 have been practising their tennis skills, serving and receiving as well as different techniques with the racquet. Maybe we have a future Andy (or Andrea!) Murray in the mix...?