Monday, 26 September 2016

Green Council

Today our new Green Council met for the first time.  We learnt everyone's names and found out what a school council does and doesn't do.

Here we are hard at work.
We made leaves for our new tree.  You can see them up by the office.
What would you like to see in a New World?

Y3S exploring algorithms!

Year 3 have been exploring different algorithms for games. We get given the algorithm and have to work out what game we will be playing by reading the instructions. Here are some pictures of us using an algorithm. Next we will be working out the bugs in the algorithm and how we could debug it and make it work correctly. 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Percussion Club

Percussion club were sounding fab today! It's not too late to join if you'd like to have a go speak to the office!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This term we are learning about Nursery Rhymes and this week we have been singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and developing our cutting skills by cutting out lots of twinkly stars! We have also been looking at the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and talking about the different sizes 'big, medium and small'. We have been encouraging children to use these words when talking about and finding other objects. 
Good work Nursery!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Reception's first week

Well done to all our new little ones for a brilliant first full week in Reception! We have been very busy getting to know our new friends, exploring our new enviornment, playing maths games and playing listening games ready for when we start phonics. We are all very tired now and look forward to a restful weekend ready for lots of new learning next week! 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Y4H E-safety Quiz!

Please take a moment to fill out our short quiz about passwords that we have created for e-safety week! Follow this link to take you to our quiz: Thanks, from all of us in Y4H, we look forward to hearing your responses.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Gospel Singing Workshop

The top hall was rocking this morning with the sound of singing. we were extremely lucky to have a visit from Ray Sidney, a gospel singer all the way from Los Angeles. He worked with the choir all morning and we performed to the rest of the children. 

It sounded amazing and was a great start to our choir this year.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Community Choir

Do you enjoy a good sing? Then why not come along to Shirley Warren Community Choir. We are a small, friendly, choir, open to everyone, any age (children must be accompanied by an adult). We meet every Thursday in term time, from 3.15-4.15 in the Parent Partnership room. FREE TO ALL!

Percussion Club

We were visited by Matt Brombley from the music service today, who told us all about Percussion Club. EVerybody from Year 2 to Year 6 is invited to come along after school on Fridays for drumming fun!

Staying safe online with 6D

Check out our videos that we created to spread the message of e-safety! Unfortunately not all that of them could be uploaded as the file was too big - we have some budding actors and directors creating feature-length films! Don't forget to lock it, block it, show it and tell it if you see something that you're unsure of online.

By CW and KZ

By CC and KL

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Fast forward four years...

 ...and Year 6 have returned home from the countryside where they have been evacuated from the cities to get away from the bombing of the Blitz! I'm sure they have had a lovely time learning to live with their new families; some went to vicarages, some to farms and others to ordinary homes.

We were really lucky to meet a gentleman who was actually evacuated when he was 5 years old during the war. He told us all about his life and what it was like to grow up away from your family in the war. We also got to ride on a steam train through the countryside where some children would have been evacuated.

Thank you for being such amazing Shirley Warren ambassadors, Year 6 - wonderful behaviour and incredibly respectful. Take a look at what we got up to!

Year 6 are evacuated to the countryside!

We're really sad to be saying goodbye to Year 6 as they begin their evacuation from World War 2 - have a safe journey!