Thursday, 24 March 2016

Year 2's pen licences!

Year 2 have been working really hard on their presentation and handwriting, and we are super proud to say that this week we gave out our first ever Year 2 pen licences during our celebration assembly!

From Blog photos

What fantastic handwriting they have! They have all worked really hard to make sure that all of their letters are formed correctly, start and finish in the right place and are all joined up correctly.

If you haven't got your pen licence yet, keep working hard and ask your teacher for your Orange Next Steps in your handwriting! Some of you are trying so hard already and we're very impressed. Keep up the good work.

Happy Easter from 2D!

Year 2 had a fun day today - we had a phonics Easter egg hunt and we spent the afternoon doing a few Easter activities as part of our Golden Time.

2D have worked so hard this term and Miss Derby is very, very impressed with your hard work and attitude to learning. Well done, 2D!

From Blog photos

Have a fantastic Easter holidays and get lots of rest!

From Miss Derby, Mrs Croissant and Year 2D :)

Phonics Easter Egg Hunt in Year 2

We had a ridiculously fun time in Year 2 having an Easter Egg Hunt in Year 2. Eggs were hidden around the classroom, and we had to find them. Inside each egg was a grapheme that we had to recognise and write words with those graphemes. As an extension activity, we then hd to use these words in a sentence using some of the skills that we have learnt in Year 2. Some sentences included exclamation sentences, the -er and -est sentences, adverbs and similes.

World Water Day RG

We loved celebrating World Water Fay this week in Reception. We explored our new water wall and had lots of discussions about describing water and ice and thinking about what water is used for.

Year 1 go to Manor Farm!

We had an excellent day at Manor Farm yesterday. We saw lots of animals, looked around the old home and even had a lesson in the old school. Some of us milked cows, fed pigs, fed chickens, cuddled baby chicks and bunnies... Some of us even saw a baby lamb being born! All of the adults were very impressed with our behaviour. Well done Year 1!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Y4K Iron Creature Stories

We are publishing our Iron Creature stories this week. We have based them on the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The stories are exciting and the covers are looking fab! 

Year One Shirley Warren News- Save Water Today!

Yesterday was World Water Day and at Shirley Warren we have been learning all about the importance of this day and water. In Year One we became Educational Health Officers, so we are here to bring you some top tips about saving water. Please save water today!
23 March 2016

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Year 2 trip to Shirley Warren Community Gardens

Year 2 have been learning about Living Things and Habitats this half term. We have looked at habitats around the world and local habitats in Britain - and today we looked at habitats in our local area. We visited the fantastic Shirley Warren Community Gardens to have a look around and see what we could see. Have a look at these photos to see what we spotted!

World Water Day 2016

Today Shirley Warren Primary School helped to celebrate the 23rd United Nations World Water Day.

We started off with a very interesting assembly from Ashleigh from Southern Water who challenged us to think about where we could save water.

We then heard from Stella Typhoon (Mrs Bullas) and Aqua Lakes (Mrs Williams) who were hosting Shirley Warren News, about water around the world.  But they kept getting crackly screens! There were no reports!  So every year group found out about an aspect of water during the day. Here are some games from Year 3.

From Environmental Health correspondents to Weather Reports via songs and lots of practical activities, Shirley Warren News was finally aired at the end of the day.

Then we saw some photos of our link school, Tukela, in Zambia.  They need to raise money for flushing toilets.  Maybe you can just about see "boys" on the left and "girls" on the right on the corrugated doors in the picture. Can you see any water nearby?

As we have just had Sports Relief we are going to fund raise next term but we need your ideas for interesting ways we can raise money.  Please tell your Green Council rep any ideas you have.

Mrs Williams

Friday, 18 March 2016

Super Sport Relief Week at Shirley Warren!

We've had the best week at Shirley Warren fundraising for Sport Relief! Every single day we have had a sporty challenge to complete and we have tried our very best to take part. The challenges included balancing and spelling skills, yoga, dance mat competitions and on the last day we made up our own challenge using a Sport Relief balloon. So far, we have managed to raise £272! We have done ourselves proud! GO SWPNS!

1N Sport Relief- A Day in the Life of Champa

We watched a really eye-opening and inspiring film about Champa and her day to day life as a 10 year old girl living in Bangladesh. It was amazing to see how Sport Relief are changing her life and made us really happy to be raising money for such a good cause. So, we decided to make this piece of dance, dedicated to Champa. We hope you enjoy! Year 1N :)
From 1N Sport Relief- A Day in the Life of Champa

Sport Relief

3B were looking super sporty today! Our last Sport Relief challenge of the week was to invent a game using a balloon. 

The children came up with lots of fantastic ideas so we went for two games...
One where we had to line up and take it in turns to keep the balloon up in the air - it was harder than it looked and we lost two out of three lives! The next game was to stand in a line and pass the balloon behind us. One person had to pass it overhead and the next person had to pass it through their legs.  Good job team 3B!!!

Why don't you have a go at your own balloon challenge this weekend?

Sport Relief Challenges!

We have loved doing the challenges this week for sport relief! Our favourite was the dancing!

Sports Relief Challenges in Y4H

This week we have had great fun completing the challenges for sports relief. We had a go at Just Dance, star jumps and yoga. Today, Miss Jones gave us a balloon and we had to come up with our own challenges. We came up with a few games: 1 - How many times can we hit the balloon before it touches the ground? 2 - How quickly can we get the balloon down the line by passing it through our legs and over our heads. Our best time was 26 seconds! Check us out in action below! _

Sports Relief Challenge 5 in Y3S

This morning we got a very strange challenge. Miss Smith told us about Miss Jones giving us a challenge to do with a balloon. We were a bit confused (especially as Miss Smith lost the balloon to begin with!). We decided to see how many times we could get it around a circle in a minute. Then we tried the under over challenge. Then we tried moving the balloon down the line without using our hands. That was the hardest to do! Here are some pictures of us completing our challenges.

Bamboo Tamboo

The Percussion Club have been playing the Bamboo Tamboo. They have created their own songbook for us all to use and performed and composed their own pieces. Listen here:

Our School CD

We had a fantastic recording recording our school CD. A sound engineer set up his equipment in the hall and every class (from Pre-Nursery to Year 6) recorded their own song. We also sang as a whole school and even the staff recorded a song. It sounded amazing. If you want to order your own copy please make sure your return the form and money to the school office by next Thursday.

Y3S Sports Relief

Y3S have been really enjoying the Sports Relief challenges we have been set over the week. We especially enjoyed the Just Dance challenge from Thursday. Here are some pictures of us having a go at the challenge.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Dance moves a'la Reception

As part of today's Sport Relief Week challenge we became a little 'foot loose'. Check out our groovy moves.

Y1J Challenge 4 Champions!

We've had the best time today with challenge 4! Miss Jones is just going to throw it out there that Y1J were actually the best class at this challenge. We even did some other routines because we were THAT good!  Well done superstars!

Metal Detecting!

A pupil in Y4H very kindly brought in some artifacts to share that she had found with her dad, when they were out metal detecting! She had old money dating back to 1884! In her collection, she also had a compass from the war, cutlery, military items and medieval buttons! Take a look at the items she found below. We have also taken a picture of the details of the items, that she wrote out for us, so we know what year they were from! Thanks for sharing ZK!!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Y4 Soundbites Concert

Year 4 performed to family and friends today. The children have done an amazing job of learning to play their second instrument this year. All the music teachers are so proud of what they have achieved and are really looking forward to next term. Well done Year 4.

Sports Relief in Reception

We are enjoying the sport challenges this week and have been very brave to try out new exercises. We had a go at children's yoga and did really well with listening to instructions, copying the stretches and sharing the mats. We also discussed the importance of healthy eating and exercising. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Y4H Disco Yoga

For Sports Relief this week, we are taking part in exercise every day. Yesterday, we had to count how many star jumps we could do in a minute, this ranged from 70 - 120 in Y4H! Today, we had a go at disco yoga. We had great fun, check us out in action!

Crazy capacity in Year 2!

In year 2 this week we are looking at measurement - in particular, we're measuring how much a container can hold. This is called capacity. We are working on using standard units of litres and millilitres to measure water and have been working hard on using scales.

Have a look at what we've been doing:

Sports Relief Week - Year 2's second challenge

Our challenge for the second day of Sport Relief week was to take part in some storytelling yoga!  What fantastic fun it was! We thought it was very funny. Have a look at some of our photos.

If you want to have another go at the yoga at home, go to YouTube and search for Cosmic Yoga or click here!

Year 6 Topic: Mountains

Year 6 have been learning about mountains and how they are formed.

This is a volcano.  Volcanoes can form from the seas and also make islands out of ash and fire.  The white piece on top is not snow, it is ash: the ash turns into stone or earth but starts off as burning ash and then begins the transformation.

This is a folded mountain.  It is formed by the plates pushing together to make mountains and valleys.  Folded mountains are very good for hiking or maintain climbing because they are extremely steep and they also have cliffs which are good for rope hooks that grip on to the side of the mountain.

Here is a question for you: Do you know how plateau mountains are formed? Put your answers in the comments below.

Year 6

Year 1 smash challenge 2!!!

In Y1J we've had a bit of head start on sports challenge 2... We've already had a go at this yoga before, so we are really really good at it! The lady Jamie tells lovely stories whilst we do yoga moves. It's so much fun! If you want to try this yoga at home, go into YouTube and type in 'Cosmic Yoga'. 

Monday, 14 March 2016

Sport Relief in Reception

We have had a brilliant start to Sport Relief week today in Reception. Lots of children spent the afternoon showing off their sporty skills on the exercise mats with lots of balances and different movements. We then even had a go at yoga. The yoga was to the story of Frozen and we followed along really carefully trying to copy the actions. It was so much fun and the children were much better than the adults! 

Sport Relief Week - Year 1, Challenge 1!

We've got a great week of sport challenges and activities lined up for this week. This was our first daily sport challenge in year 1. We managed to do 48 star jumps in a minute. I wonder if any other classes can beat our high score...

Year 2 Sports Relief Challenge 2016

Here is a short video of the children from year 2 taking on the mileage challenge for Sports Relief 2016
From Sport Relief 2016

Sports Week Challenge 1

As part of Sports Week, every class is given a challenge to take part in every day. Challenge 1 is 'How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute.' 

2F - 112
2D - 

Friday, 11 March 2016

Zoo Tycoon

In Year 2, we received a secret message from a mysterious man challenging us to set up a zoo on the deserted island of Pulua Nila. Our first job was to research the island and create map so we knew the features of the island. We knew we had to know about the island so we coud discover which habitats were on the island, and then decide which animals would be able to survive there. Here we are making the maps:

World Book Day in Year 2

As part of World Book Day, in Year 2, we dressed up as our favourite characters from various books. We also have a Scavenger Hunt looking for different words, punctuation and characters in our book corners, and had our Story Telling event in the afternoon. Can you guess which characters we dressed up as?

Y3 Trip to SeaCity!

Today, Year 3 went on a wonderful trip to SeaCity museum! We had a great time in a workshop dressing up as crew members and completing other exciting activities. Then we went on a tour around the museum, we especially enjoyed trying to steer a boat! We got to pose for a group photo, the first one we may look unhappy in but this was because we were trying to look like the crew members behind us. The next group photo we look more like our normal selves!

Southwest trains poster competition

Children in year 6 designed posters for a competition launched by Southwest trains. Their posters had to show elements of Southampton and Easter. You can see their posters on display in the waiting room on platform 1 at south central station! 

Year 6 Dragon's Den

Last week, Year 6 performed a fake Dragon's Den.  All of the companies got invested because their creations were really good.  This is an example of one of the company powerpoints - the SSS.  SSS was short for Secret Silver Services.  The creator of the ring of vision is JB himself, The script creator was DM, The powerpoint creator was KAT and I am the one writing the blog!

Before the day, we prepared everything ready for the Dragons.  The ring of vision was made out of bronze and silver/cardboard and coloured pen!  We took pictures of the ring of vision for the powerpoint.

This slide describes how to activate the Ring Of Vision.

Would you buy the ring of vision? It's helpful for anyone anywhere.

Year 6 Dragons Den!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Year 3 Recorder Extravaganza!

On Wednesday 9th March, Year 3 were lucky enough to take part in a recorder extravaganza with Joglaresa at Central Hall. The children were part of a recorder ensemble with a few other schools. The children played the recorder beautifully and were so excited to take part in the rehearsal with Joglaresa. In the evening some of the children turned up for the concert and it was just wonderful! Mrs Donovan, Mrs Short, Mrs Mead and I are so proud of you and how well you performed! There are some pictures from the rehearsal and the concert. If you want to see more pictures there are some on the Echo website.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Y4H Home-School Projects

Y4H have been busy creating home projects based on electricity. They made powerpoints and posters, based on famous electricians, how circuits work and how to be safe when using electricity. Well done to all those who had a go, you had some brilliant work!