Thursday, 26 November 2015

Year 2's pet shop!

This week in maths we have been learning all about money. Today in our numeracy lesson we were talking about what you need to do when you go shopping, and we pretended that we were going to a shop. 2D talked about what a shop looks like and what kind of things you need in a shop, and decided that we would have a go at building a shop in Plan, Do, Review!

When we were getting ready for PDR, we talked about what kind of a shop we would need and what we would use. We had loads of cardboard left over from our castle, so we used that to build a pet shop! We had lions, monkeys, cats and even a t-rex!

Our challenge was to figure out how to use what we had to build a realistic looking shop with shelves, signs and a till. The children came up with all of these ideas on their own, including a charity pot on the tills, signs to warn people of the dangerous animals, scratch marks in the lion and t-rex cage, pretend (but life-sized and realistic) money in a till draw and an open/closed sign for our door. They worked super hard and the finished product was amazing!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Tessellation Painting in Year 6

In Year 6 we were making some tessellating patterns.

A tessellating pattern in shapes made into a pattern but no gaps, like bricks.
We did this in the style of Islamic Art.  We used a range of colours and we used compasses to make circles.

After we did a few circles, we could see a flower shape where some of them were overlapping, there was also a diamond and inside the diamond there was a shape like an eye.

We used the six points of the flower to make a hexagon, and with that we divided it into lots of triangles and different shapes.

By the children in Year 6

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Y4K Clay Houses

Y4K have been making Tudor houses out of clay. It was really fun. We all enjoyed it. We made cool patterns with lots of different tools.

Y4K Assembly

Y4K had their class assembly this morning. We recited a Tudor poem by Geraldine Taylor, talked about the Tudor exploration and sang a sea shanty. Well done Y4K for remembering all those lines off by heart! Thanks to all the parents and carers that came along. Great to see you all there!

Family FUNS - Week 5

Take a look at our families working on their reaction and response during Ring to the Rescue themed session.

Monday, 23 November 2015


We are so proud that we have been able to fill up our wow voucher board! Well done everyone, we love hearing about all the amazing things that you are doing at home. Keep it up!

Friday, 20 November 2015

Maths and Art Y4K

Year 4 looked at Maurits Cornelis Escher's tessellating prints during Maths and Art Day. We spent the morning investigating which shapes tessellate. We discovered that all triangles and all quadrilaterals can tessellate! We were inspired by Escher's use of symmetry and shape, creating our own paintings using a tessellating template. Well done Year 4 for producing some fantastic maths and art!

Maths and Art day!

We enjoyed our maths and art day arranging the different shapes we found! We can even name most of our shapes too!

Art and Maths Day!

On Thursday, we had a very exciting day! We got told that it was Maths and Art day. We had to look at a painting by Kandinsky that had lots of different polygons and shapes within it. We talked about the painting and how interesting it was, some of us saw a sun and a moon in the picture. Miss Smith had found what she thought was a boat so we all got to look for it! Then we went to the ICT suite to make our own pictures inspired by what we had seen in Kandinsky's painting. Later we got to draw them on paper and use watercolours to paint them. We had a lovely afternoon painting and we all thought it was great fun! Well done Y3S, you are all super talented artists!

Maths and Art Day in Y4H

We really enjoyed our maths and art day in year 4. As a class, we discussed the work of Escher, who was an artist and mathematician. In his work we recognised that he used shapes that fitted together to make a pattern, these shapes were identical, but were sometimes rotated. He would then make these shapes look like animals. This type of art is called tessellation. From this, we decided to investigate whether other polygons tessellate. We proved that all triangles and quadrilaterals can tessellate, which means they fit together without any gaps and they do not overlap. Next, we set out to make our own tessellating shape template and used it to create our own tessellating art in the style of Escher. Here are some pictures of us working hard on our investigations and our artistic creations.

Year 1J get their Class reward!

Year 1J have worked their socks off and have got a class reward by getting all of the Penguins on the iceberg! They chose to have popcorn and a movie for their reward! We are sat watching Paddington Bear together. Miss Jones, Mrs Bowers and Mrs Wilke are all very proud of their good learning behaviour and good choices. Well done Year 1!!! 😃

Year enjoy Art and Maths Day

For this special day, we looked at the artist Auguste Herbin. His art work features colourful 2D shapes. We looked at his pictures and labelled the 2D shapes we could see. We then planned our own pictures in the Style of Herbin and labelled the 2D shapes we wanted to use. Our challenge was to use the faces of 3D shapes to draw our 2D shapes. Can you see the shapes in our final paintings?

Children In Need enjoyed by Year 2

In Year 2, we helped to raise money for Children In Need by joining in with the theme 'Be A Hero'. Look how heroic we all are!

Anglo Saxon Houses in Year 3

Year 3 made some wonderful Anglo Saxon houses as a home project. We have really enjoyed having them in our classrooms to look at and admire! Some of these houses will be on display at the end of the top corridor so that children from the whole school can see our wonderful work. Well done Year 3 we are so proud of the work you have been completing and your amazing attitudes towards your learning.

Art and Maths day in RG

We have been learning about 2D shapes and different art techniques all week in preparation for art and maths day yesterday. We had a brilliant time going around the school on a shape hunt and making shape collages. We also used sand, glitter, chalk and lots of other sensory trays to practise drawing shapes while talking about them and using maths language to describe them. We also looked at Josef Albers and his work 'Homage to the Square'. This inspired us to make our own brilliant art work thinking about shapes, colours and sizes. What brilliant Artists and Mathematicians we are! 

Monday, 16 November 2015

Children In Need in Y3S

We had a lovely time for Children in Need as we were able to dress up as Super Heroes! Here are some photos of us all dressed up!

Leaf collectors at work!

If you need any leaves collecting just give Nursery a call, we love collecting leaves!!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Y4K Superheroes...

Y4K loved dressing up for Childen in Need this year. Well done for such fab costumes! We know it is all for a great cause! 

Children In need!

It has been lovely to see all of our superhero children today who have come to support such a good cause! We all feel very safe in nursery today!

Year 2 go to the theatre!

In Year 2, we are learning about different Julia Donaldson books. We read the story of 'What The Ladybird Heard' and then went to The Royal Theatre in Winchester to watch the story being performed. It was brilliant!! The children (and adults) really enjoyed it and the behaviour of the children was absolutely fantastic. Everyone had a great time. A big thank you to the 'Friends of Shirley Warren' whose fundraising meant that the trip could be very well subsidised. Look at these lovely photos.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Poppy Day in RS

Today we have been learning about Remembrance Day and talked about what soldiers do. Look at the beautiful poppies we made. 

Remembrance in RG

I am very proud of all the children for being brilliant in our 2 minutes silence this morning! They were all very respectful and did good thinking about the soldiers and the war. We have been busy this afternoon doing lots of Remembrance activities. The children would like to tell you: "We did do our big muscles in soldier training. We pretended to do marching, crawling, star jumping and being really sneaky quiet." "We drew medals we made for being brave or kind or sharing or strong." "We made poppies. We used red, green and black and we can wear them when they're dry."

Monday, 9 November 2015

Y4H Tudor Projects

Well done to all those children who created something for their Tudor project. Take a look at their creations, which included poems, powerpoints, Tudor Houses and posters.

The Great Shirley Warren Bake Off!

In Year 1 we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. This week we are concentrating on the bakery on Pudding Lane and the Baker Thomas Farrinor. We have been baking bread this morning and now these children are role playing making all sorts of treats for us! Mary Berry watch this space!!!! 

New toys in Year 1!

In Plan, Do and Review we have had new toys out today. It's very exciting!! We have been doing lots of problem solving trying to fit all of the pieces of the track together so there weren't any gaps. 

Friday, 6 November 2015

Y4K Sea Monsters...

Year 4 have written descriptions of Tudor sea monsters. We had to make them really detailed so that our friends could create an illustration using our descriptive writing. 

Well done for some really detailed writing and drawing!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Beautiful singing in nursery !

We all enjoyed listening to the beautiful rendition of let it go today in nursery! Good practice for the Christmas performance.

Multipication madness

Year 5 have been busy practising their times tables.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Year 2D's amazing geography!

This term in geography, we are learning about the wonderful world that we live in! We are focusing on Continents and Oceans, and our goal is to learn the names of the seven continents and five oceans, as well as learn some things about them.

Today, we looked at a map of the world and a globe to talk about the shape of the planet Earth and what we already knew. We could already spot the United Kingdom and could see the difference between the land and the sea - what a great start!

We used Playdoh to build a continent on a world map. We then labelled them to practice writing the names of the continents. Have a look at some of our fantastic work here:

Have a think about the countries you know and where they are in the world. What continents have you been to before? What was it like? Feel free to comment so Year 2 can have a great starting point of things to look at!

Goodnight Mr Tom

Year Six are reading "Goodnight Mr Tom" because we are learning about World War 2.
Today we watched the film.

Image result for goodnight mr tom book cover

One member of Year 6 said, "I really liked it. We haven't actually finished reading it yet, but it was a really good film and it proved that some people can be really nice and that other people can be nasty.  William's mum was unkind by smacking him with a belt and slapped him round the face and then later on in the film William came across Tom, who he had to stay with until war was over. While he was with Tom, Tom respected him and looked after him properly. For example, Tom threw the belt away into the mud and when Willy fainted, Tom jumped over to him and caught him before he fell."