Friday, 21 September 2018

1S - Learning how to stay safe online

We have been learning alll about what to do to keep ourselves safe when we are online this week.
We decided we should only tell our passwords to an adult we trust and nobody else and Lock-It.
If anything pops up on screen that we are not sure about we should Block-It and Show -It to an adult.
If someone is being unkind to us we will Tell-It to someone we trust so that they can help us stay safe. We learned some actions to help us remember these important rules and then used an ipad application called Morfo to make some crazy faces with messages to remind us.

Ever wondered how safe you are online? If the answer is yes, check out Year 6's e-safety videos


Always remember to Lock it, Block it, Show it, Tell it!

3H E-safety

This week Y3H have enjoyed learning all about e-safety. We have had lots of discussions about the games that we play online and about how to play these safely. We spoke about the importance of keeping our personal information to ourselves and we had a go at using Publisher to create e-safety posters.

E Safety in 4C

We followed up Mr Soffe's awesome e-safety assembly by creating our own poster to help others understand why esafety is important. Then the class voted on the most informative poster. The winning poster said, "Before you send a message, let your parent or guardian know what you have written, If you delete your message your parent won't know if you have written something bad or good." By JN The winning girl's poster was this one. "It is important to be safe in the internet because if you get an email from someone you do not know you should always tell an adult. Get an adult to see what it is and then delete it. Never open anything on the internet that you don't know about. If you find anything like messages or emails always lock it, block it, show it and tell it. Always tell an adult about new information. Always never go on inappropriate apps." by LR. Well done class 4C, you have a lot of knowledge of e-safety.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

5M's Guide to E-safety!

To celebrate E-safety week, we have spent a lot of time in class discussing the apps, websites and forms of social media we like to use. We discussed how often we use them and what we use them for, including playing games, listening to music and chatting to friends. Most importantly, we talked about how we can ensure we stay safe using them and whilst we knew there were many things we must do, we have created a video to explain our top 5 tips for those who may be unsure!