Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bags for Families in Nursery

This week in Nursery we launched Bags for Families! The bags can be taken home and are full of resources to create fun opportunities for playing and talking with parents and carers. Here is a picture of us exploring one of the bags! 

Please see a member of the team if you would like to take one home.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Nursery's Farm Visit

Today we went to the Warren Centre to see some of the animals from Mill Farm. We had great fun brushing the lambs, stroking the rabbits and watching the pigs eat the hay! 

We were very careful not to make too much noise so we didn't scare the animals and remembered to wash our hands when we came back to Nursery.  Ask your child what other animals they saw - and the noises they made!!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Forces in Year 5

Today the children started their new topic, forces. They learnt who discovered gravity, and gravity pulls objects towards the Earth's centre. The children had fun measuring the force of gravity upon objects within the classroom!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Chicks in Reception

We are very excited in Reception this week to welcome some more visitors to the classroom. After the success we had with our butterflies we are now doing some more growing but this time we are hatching some eggs into chicks! Farmer Tom from Mill Farm dropped them off this morning in their special incubator and told us all about how to look after them. We will work hard to keep them safe and healthy over the next 3 weeks and after they hatch we will feed and water them so we can see them grow bigger. After we have spent some time with them they will be going back home to grow up happily on the farm. Don't forgot to keep checking in over the next few weeks to see how we are getting on! 

The New Eco Bunny Mascot

We had a competition to create a new Eco mascot.  Anyone in school could enter a design for the mascot.  Then we had a Green Council meeting and decided which one should be made.  We saw a lot of designs and after lots of discussion and a thorough look we decided to go for the Eco friendly bunny.

After the winning mascot was designed, the Green Council Team went to IKEA to find some of their recycled materials to make the Eco Bunny.  IKEA usually give their leftover material to the scrap store but they kindly offered us some for our mascot!  We got some cotton and some for a green cape. 

Our lovely Mrs Williams kindly made the real Eco mascot. She made 2! Now they are in school so that they can be given to which class is the most Eco that week by turning off the taps, making sure the lights are off, that the whiteboard is off if not being used and that the computer is on the home screen or off.

Teachers, remember that Eco check is now on a Tuesday lunchtime and that if you're not being Eco friendly you have been warned by the Green Council!!

By a Green Council member, Year 6

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Y5 Ancient Greek Art

In Art this half term, Year 5 used papier mache to create bowls. We then created a design in the style of Ancient Greek pottery. Can you see the scenes we have created on our bowls?

Y4's #tbt to World Book Day

There is a strong love of reading present in our class and while we were glad to celebrate World Book Day, and had a lot of fun doing so, we also know that we can celebrate our love of books any day of the year! 

Startling Static!

This week in science Year 4 investigated the effects of static electricity on various materials and objects.
We created static electricity (non-moving electricity) by rubbing balloons through our hair, allowing invisible electrons with a negative charge to build up on the surface of the balloon. We then wanted to find out whether the static electricity had the power to attract or repel different objects.
We found that all the objects we tested were attracted to the negatively charged balloons. We were then curious about how to make the balloons repel an object. We came up with a hypothesis that since the balloons have a negative charge and have attracted objects that all have either a positive or neutral charge, that the balloons might repel an object with a negative charge. To test our hypothesis we charged two balloons with static electricity and were very excited to see that the two balloons repelled one another.
Through this experiment we were able to come to the conclusion that opposite charges attract and the same charges repel, and we had a blast! :)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Year 5 Music Workshop

Year 5 had a great morning working with Sam from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. They composed their own piece, inspired by Muggorsky's Night on a Bare Mountain. In June they will be performing it at the Turner Sims concert hall, supported by players from the orchestra! we have really enjoyed exploring the BBC 10 Pieces project. For more info take a look at the 10 pieces website.