Friday, 22 December 2017

Merry Christmas from 3N

We want to wish you a merry Christmas from of all us in 3N. It has been a fantastic Autumn term and we have progressed and learnt so much. We look forward to our Christmas break and then coming back in January ready for more learning! 

Have a wonderful time! 3N :) 

Thursday, 21 December 2017

1L learn all about 'light over darkness'

The festivities have been in full swing in Class 1L.

We all really enjoyed our Christmas Jumper Day for the Save the Children charity. Thank you for your donations to save Children's lives. Miss Lacey's light up reindeer jumper was a hit with 1L!!

We have had two fun days of learning about Advent and Hanukkah and how different religions count down to Christmas.

We discovered what the five candles on the Advent Wreath represent and had a fun afternoon making our own version. We also discovered that Jews light 8 candles in the lead up to Christmas.

We all now know the importance that light brings us over darkness.

Year 2 Xmas Dance....Jingle All The Way.....

Christmas Carols on the Steps

Last night we had our Shirley Warren Christmas Tradition of "Carols on the Steps" - it was amazing and it SNOWED! 

Y2 Christmas Crafting

We've been very busy making a huge amount of Christmassy bits and bobs. We've had so much fun. Here's a sneak peak of some of the bits we've made before they go home today!

Special Visitor

We had a very special visitor in School this week!

Father Christmas came and gave us some amazing superhero capes and masks to play with in Nursery.

We sang Jingle Bells as a thank you!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Christmas fun in 1S

The festivities have been in full swing in Class 1S this week. We have been learning about Advent - the countdown to Christmas. We discovered what the five candles on the Advent Wreath represent and had a fun afternoon making our own version. On Tuesday afternoon, we had just started to plan and design our own pop up Christmas cards when news spread that a special visitor had dropped by our school.

We decided to stop what we were doing and to go and investigate. Imagine our surprise when we discovered Santa had called in to bring us our own special class present. After Santa had told us all how busy the elves were in the North Pole, as well as a few other interesting tales, we returned to class and the fun continued as we finished  making our pop up Christmas cards.

A snowy surprise at Carols on the steps!

We all had a fabulous time at carols on the steps! The snow even arrived to make it seem very festive! 
Have a lovely Christmas break! 

2S Class Reward!

We have been working hard all term, so what better way for us to finish off than with a film?! 2S have had a great time this afternoon, cuddling up with our teddies, watching Polar Express. What fun we've had! We can't wait to get started next term so we can earn our next class reward!

Merry Christmas, and have an amazing couple of weeks off! See you in 2018 :).

Jack and the Beanstalk

Children from Year 5 and Year 6 wowed us all with their performance of Roald Dahl's 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Well done everyone for your acting, singing, set design, costumes, instrumental playing - you are all amazing!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Year 3 had a very special visitor!

Today, year 3 were lucky enough to have a visit from Santa. He asked if we thought we had been naughty or nice and some of us did admit that we thought we might have been a little bit naughty! 
Luckily as classes, we managed to have been good enough to get a gift! We were so excited about our presents and were very grateful to Santa for bringing them. 

Year 4 - Naughty or Nice List?

This afternoon Year 4 enjoyed a lovely audience with Santa. We hoped he enjoyed our rendition of the '12 Days of Christmas'!

Norman Banquet in Year 2

Yesterday in Year 2, we dressed up as Knights, Kings, Queens, Princesses and Maidens to finish off our topic of Castles and Knights. In the afternoon, we changed our classroom around and had a banquet! We tried lots of foods that people would have eaten in Norman times. Lots of the foods were new to us, especially the chicken broth, so we were all really brave trying lots of new foods. 

A special visitor in Reception

This morning the children found out that we are expecting a visitor today. Could it be a dentist to check our teeth? Or the police to talk to us about how to keep safe? No, it was Santa and Mrs Claus! We sang a song and chatted to Santa who thanked us and gave us some presents in return.

SANTAAA!!! WE KNOW HIM!!! Year 2's Visit to Santa

We had a lovely surprise this morning when Santa phoned Mrs King and asked us to go the Parent Partnership room to see him! He was actually in our school! We couldn't believe that our Quiet Club had been turned into Santa's Grotto. We sang him a couple of Christmas songs, asked him a LOT of questions (Did you know Santa has 364 elves?!) and finally, he gave us some gifts for everyone in our class. We are SO lucky!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Year 2 Pen Licenses

The handwriting in Year 2 is so impressive that some children have been given their Pen Licenses before Christmas!!! Amazing! All of the children in Year 2 have been trying extremely hard to improve their letter formation by making sure their letters are the same size, they are writing in cursive and their ascending letters are nice and tall and their descending letters dig under the ground.

Remember, your teachers need to see this beautiful handwriting in every single book before they can give away a special handwriting pen... Make sure you are doing your very best and I am sure you will get your Pen License very soon!

Year 3 and 4 celebrate Christmas with children of the world!

We are so very proud of the children for their performances over the past two days! Thank you so much for all the hard work you have  put in helping children to find costumes, learn their lines and song words. We'd like to share a few photos of our amazing cast  with you!

KS1 Celebration Assembly

On Mondays every single week, all of Year 1 and Year 2 get together to celebrate the successes children have had during the previous week. It is a really special time we all enjoy. The children can get a Monday Award for a variety of things such as good behaviour for learning, trying new skills or thinking about their Rights - there are so many great things they do to impress their teachers and friends!

The teachers will be uploading a picture of the children in their class who get a Monday Award certificate, so make sure you keep an eye out to see and celebrate your little one!

Carol Sing at Carnival UK

Children from Year 6 had an amazing time singing carols at the Carnival UK head office Christmas meal. Everyone watching loved our singing and sang and clapped along! Well done Year 6!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Nursery Christmas Sing-a-long!

Today Mrs Mead lead our Nursery Christmas Sing-a-long.

The children, parents & grandparents had fun singing along to our festive songs such as 'Put Your Coat On' and 'Christmas Conga'.  

Well done to Nursery and a big thank you to Mrs Mead for teaching us these songs.

Preparations are underway!

We're really looking forward to sharing our Y5/6 Christmas production of Jack and the Beanstalk with our friends and family!
Across the classes, we've been busy making all the props, scenery and set that we need. Here's a few sneak peeks at 6D's creations. You'll have to wait until Tuesday to see the whole thing though!

Key Stage 1 Dance : Exploring Unison & Still, Solid Shapes

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Key Stage 1 Dance : Our first practice of our alien dance focusing on musicality, levels & unison .

RG Performance

A big well done to RG for their amazing performance this week! They loved showing the grown ups what they've been working hard on and it was great to hear so many mums and dads singing with us. What superstars!! 🌟

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

2S Letters to Father Christmas!

This week, we have been getting into the Christmas spirit, and have written to Santa! We asked for things we would like, and told him where he could find his mince pie and carrots for the reindeer. Everyone has been very good this year, so we’re sure he’ll visit. Hopefully Santa will write back... Fingers crossed!