Saturday, 22 October 2016

Year 2's DT day

Today in Year 2 we have been building castles to finish off our history and science topics. We used our history work on castles and our science work on materials to create models of our ideal Norman castle.

We had a fantastic time and made a fantastic mess, but our castles look great! Some of them have working drawbridges which we made ourselves, either using a string pulley system or a winding system with wooden dowels and string. Miss Derby and Miss Waterfield were so impressed!

Thank you to all of the parents who contributed any spare "junk" you had at home. It made a huge difference to the children's work and we're very grateful for your generosity.

Well done, Year 2, for a fantastic first half term. We've had loads of fun and worked very hard!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Y3S pizza makers!

As part of our science learning, we have been learning about healthy diets. We designed our healthy pizzas to include carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, proteins and dairy. Today we were lucky enough to make our pizzas. We really enjoyed making them and being able to eat them!
We used the grater to grate our own cheese. We were super careful to keep our fingers out of the way.  Mrs Bowers and Mrs Williams helped us to cook them which we really enjoyed. 


Today the Key Stage 2 choir gave their first public performance. With over 60 children this is the biggest choir yet and they sound amazing. We can wait to hear more songs next term...

Nursery's Teddy Bear Picnic

The children in Nursery had a great time learning how to make bread.  They especially enjoyed kneading it and said it felt like play dough! We then had out Teddy Bear's picnic and ate our delicious fresh bread - our teddies loved it too!

4H class assembly

On Thursday, 4H performed their class assembly. It was amazing and we all learnt so much. We really enjoyed the acting and their fabulous singing. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

KS2 Beatles Project

Children in Year 5 and 6 have been studying The Beatles in their music lessons this half term. They have learnt to play 3 Beatles songs on ukuleles and then composed their own arrangements of those songs. It has been one of our favourite projects and the children have created great pieces. You can listen to their compositions at - just search for SWPNSmusic. Here is one example:

Year 4 are In2Music

Year 4 have come to the end of their first half term learning to play orchestral instruments. We all played together today and all the teachers were blown away by how well the children can already play their instruments. We can't wait to perform to all the parents at Christmas!

Year 3 Recorders

Year 3 have had a great time learning to play recorders this half term. They have learnt 5 notes and also learnt to read and play rhythm notation.

Green Council Visit to Basics Bank

Today, three members of Green Council were very lucky to be invited to the Basics Bank Headquarters in Millbrook.  This is where Southampton City Mission collect and sort the donated food before it goes to the local Foodbanks where people can then take it home.

Last week we celebrated Harvest in school so our donations were all there ready to be sorted!

Matt showed us how to sort them into categories like peas, soups and so on according to the Best Before date so that those with the shortest shelf life get used first.

 Above is a picture of the board showing the items they need more of at Basics Bank, and below is the card they give to everyone who receives food.


Monday, 17 October 2016

Green Council Detectives: Eco Audit

Today, Green Council met for the second time and we wanted to look at the areas people look after the most carefully.  We included corridors with displays and, of course, the toilets. Here we are looking at the plan of the school site and making predictions about the cleanest and messiest places. Photos were taken by a Year 3 Class rep.

Which areas of the school do you think got the highest scores?

Which got the lowest and why? .

We found out that it costs a lot of money to fix things in the school, so we have all pledged to look after our school and encourage all of the other children to do so as well.

We have new Green Council badges which will be presented tomorrow in an assembly where we will share our work.

You can tell anyone on Green Council about good things about our school, and those we need to work on.

Go Team Shirley Warren!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Year 6 Experiments

In Science, we have been learning about the heart, how it works and how to take our pulse. A few days ago, we created our own experiments to find out if exercise has an impact on our heart rates. Today we tested our theories, which included the question 'which type of exercise increase our heart rate the most?'. We found out that, overall, our results reflected our predictions!

Here are some pictures of us experimenting on the lower playground.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Last week in Reception we started learning the letter sounds in phonics. The children have done brilliantly with learning to write the letters and use the sounds in words. On Friday we had 'Phonics Friday' where we taught some of our grown ups the sounds that we learnt this week. Thanks to all who attended it was a great turn out and great to see you all joining in! 

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Every Child a Talker Parent Workshop

We were very lucky to have Jan Stevens - a Speech and Language therapist at school to tell our Early Years parents what Every Child a Talker (ECaT) is all about.  Jan went throught the stages of development and how to help your child develop their speaking and communication skills. Thanks to all the parents who attended.

No Pens Wednesday in 1N

We are taking part in No Pens Wednesday today and this means that we aren't allowed to use pencils or pens ALL day! So, we took this fantastic opportunity to explore this beautiful Autumn day. In Science we learn all about seasonal changes, so we have learnt all about what the weather is like in Autumn, what it looks like outside and typical Autumn clothes, raising lots of interesting questions and becoming curious about the world around us. We went outside and explored our surroundings, on the hunt for Autumn objects, then we used them to create some beautiful art work this afternoon! We can't wait to explore Winter when it comes next!