Tuesday, 30 June 2015

"Imagine the Future" Year 6 Green Council Boat Trip

Year 6 Green Council, plus people who did a good speech to get chosen, went to the Red Funnel event, "Imagine the Future" to give their opinions on what should be changed and what should be improved in Southampton.

These Year 6 children on the boat were asked, "what should money be spent on, like education or jobs?"  We gave them our opinions saying what we think they should spend the money on.

The picture shows the Isle of Wight with Osborne House behind us. We also saw the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth and Calshot.

On the inside of the boat it was cold but outside it was hot!

by M, a Year 6 representative.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Year 4's In2Music concert trip!

Year 4 had a busy but brilliant day on a music trip this week. They have been working hard on their In2Music pieces to get ready for the concert at Central Hall on Wednesday.

Throughout the term, they have been working on a variety of brilliant music to prepare for the concert, like I Feel Good and the Doctor Who theme tune.

From when we got to Central Hall, the children worked very hard. They behaved brilliantly even though we had to practice for a long time to get ready to perform, and were extremely professional and patient whilst waiting! As a treat for being brilliant, we even got to see Cordelectra perform a few songs before the concert which was amazing (and we've been playing their CD all week in class)!

Here are some photos.

From In2Music concert

Send My Friend charity Day of Action

Friday 26th June was our 'Send My Friend charity Day of Action' at school. This links with our work as a Rights Respecting School and Unicef. Classes thought about friends, who live around the world, that may not have the same opportunity as us to go to school. We want that to change. In Year 1, we learnt about Sefiyat. She lives in Nigeria and 2015 is an important year for her. She is meant to go school, but she can't. Everyone in Year 1 who thought she should go to school made an outline of her in the playground. We can now show this picture to people showing how many of us think this is unfair!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Nursery Sports Day

We had a fantastic time at our sports day! The children took part in activities such as the giant egg and spoon race (balancing a ball on a cone and running), basketball, throwing balls at a target and balancing bean bags on a tennis racket whilst walking along a beam. We were very lucky with the weather too - it was hot but we made sure we stayed safe by wearing our hats and suncream, having a rest in the shade and drinking water. Well done everyone for taking part!

Sports Day in Reception RS

Our children had great fun joining in with all the fun activities at the Early Years Sports Day. Take a look at these pictures that only prove what a nice day they had.

RG Sports Day

Well done to all the children for such a fantastic morning at sports day! And thank you to all the adults who came to watch. We had great fun joining in all the activities.

BBC 10 Pieces Finale

Year 5 have been taking part in the BBC 10 Pieces all year. We began by going to the cinema back in September.

This term we composed our own piece in response to Mugorsky's 'Night on a Bare Mountain'. Aaron wrote a story to go with our music and the piece was called 'The Spirit of the Dark'.

We travelled to the Turner Simms Concert and performed our piece with members of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. We also got to hear work from other schools and performances by the BSO.

Mrs Mead is very proud of the children's work this year and how professional they were at the concert hall. Well done Year 5.

Kira's Trumpet Groove

Kira in Year 4 composed her own piece for the trumpet. Miss Downs created a backing track and the rest of the group performed it. How clever they all are!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Year 2 Designing & Making Vehicles

Year 2 have been designing and making their own vehicles. As part of our maths work we measured our materials and planned on using different 3D and 2D shapes. We had to saw the doweling very accurately to make sure our axles were the right size. It was very enjoyable creating our vehicles and they have now been driven home!

Year 2 Sports Day 2015

It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and taking part!

Geography in Year 4

Year 4 have been working very hard on their new topic, the Rainforests, this term in Geography. As a class we came up with questions that we wanted to answer, and have set about working on them through the weeks.

The first thing we did was look at Where in the World tropical rainforests are. We mapped out the rainforests, and labelled the ones that we found in our atlases.

This week, we looked at rainforest canopies and the different features of them. We've started creating a collage of the canopies. Have a look at our time planning and starting our collage - and if you want to see our finished product, come along to our classroom, or to our class assembly next week!

If you have any questions you would like answered about the rainforest, come and see us in Year 4 and add a question to our jungle vine, or leave us a comment on here and we'll add it on and reply back to you!

Sports day with Year 4!

Year 4 had a brilliant time at Sports day on Tuesday. Everyone was so supportive of their teams and their friends, and the children were so excited and ready to try their best!

Two children wrote short recounts of the day:

"I won the 50m sprint! The 50m sprint was my favourite. To be a winner you need to run fast. If you don't win, train for your sports." - J 

"I came last in most races but I had loads of fun in the 50m run and I was fast. To be a winner, you need to train harder and keep going. If you don't win, say well done and try harder next time." - R

Thank you J and R for your fantastic recounts and for showing your great sportsmanship!

Thank you to all of the parents who came and took part, and of course to all the staff who organised it.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Sports Day 2015 with Year 5!

Year 5 had an amazing time at sports day this year. They were able to compete in races such as, obstacle, 50m, space hopper as well as competing in throwing activities too. Everyone tried their hardest, and lots of fun was had. Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to watch, and to all the staff who organised the event!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Sports day with year 6!

Unbelievably, this was Y6L's last sports day (hasn't time flown by)! They made us proud with their impeccable sportsmanship: everyone supported each other and acknowledged all achievements! Mrs Cook and Myself couldn't be more proud- or tired! Well done to the parents from our class who joined in with the races!

Year 1 at Sports Day!

We had an amazing time at Sports Day. We took part in the 50m race, throwing for distance, the Space Hopper race, throwing for accuracy, the obstacle race and the 'famous' relay race. The parents even joined in for The Parents Race. It was so much fun having competitions against our friends. A special thank you to all the staff who helped get it all ready.

Sports Day 2015

Quick sports day selfie. Mr Kelly, Mr Moreton and I have been busy setting up ready for the KS1 & KS2 sports day :) we can't wait for it to start. Good luck! 

Year 3B Playground Music Games

We have been learning clapping games in music. Have a listen!

Year 1 make comics

In Year 1, we have been learning and writing all about Superheroes. We have dressed up as a our favourite heroes and then thought about what our characters might say.We have then turned these into our own comics. We had great fun making these on the iPads.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Wood mill adventure

For part of Year 6's SAT's  we  had to use the experiences from our Wood mill camping trip in a adventure story we had to write we had to include the activities of:Tunneling, Rock climbing,Raft building or Archery. For some of us it was a real challenge to include everything to get our levels for when we move up to secondary school.First we used a story mountain to plan it but then we wrote it on google docs and if we did that we could change it round and have the beginning somewhere else.If our story is successful then we will achieve good levels for our SAT's.We all hope all of our levels are good for all of our tests that we have successfully completed.

My story was about a family and two girls called Jennifer and Lucy.  In the middle of the night they heard howling and scratching on the side of their tent and found an owl; so they followed it and got on a neglected canoe. But they capsized!  They got split up and Lucy couldn't swim.  Jennifer tried looking for her but she couldn't find her.  She ran back to the camp and called the mum and dad and they found her clinging onto a branch so they helped her out.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Bamboo Tamboo

Have a listen to the Bamboo Tamboo after school club. They composed and performed their own piece with Matt our drumming teacher.

Bamboo Tamboo

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Under the Sea in Reception

Down in Reception we are really enjoying our topic 'Under the Sea'. This week we have been learning about lots of sea creatures and rock pools. We even had our very own rock pool in the garden! We have been using this to do some wonderful writing, thinking about great words we could use to describe what we could see or feel. 

Woodmill Adventures!

More Woodmill fun!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

ECaT Talking Tip of the Month

Our 'Every Child a Talker; Talking Tip of the Month' is to develop children's oral blending and segmenting skills.  This helps to tune your child in to hearing sounds in words, which will help with their reading and writing.  

You can help to develop your child's awareness of blending and segmenting by modelling breaking down sounds in words. For example; "Where is the c-a-t?" Or "Can you see the r-e-d c-ar?". 

Remember to say the sounds as they are heard in a word, using a soft voice.

Please see a member of staff if you would like any more information.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Pre-Nursery Treasure Hunt.

Today we went on a treasure hunt! 

The children followed clues to find the treasure; we used the number on the clue to know how many steps we needed to take to get to the next clue. Children were able to use their listening and understanding skills as well as number knowledge to follow instructions to find the treasure. 

To encourage their imaginative play we made pirate hats and pretended to be pirates. 
You could help your child by playing this game at home. 

Year 5's class assembly

This morning Year 5 were able to share their learning in their class assembly. They sung, danced and shared stories. Thank you to all the parents and carers who came along!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Pupil Voice - Writer's Workshop

Thank your friends for what they've made,
Stand up for each other and just be brave.

Even when they split apart,
Just love them with all your heart.

Make the world all happy and true
Stop bullying, the world will split into two.

Punching, kicking is so bad,
It can hurt people's feelings. it can make them sad.

By C in Year 6

In Writer's Workshop pupils can write and publish whatever writing they like. 
I was really pleased to see pupils choosing to write about British Values and  Respecting the Rights of others, which is what we are trying to encourage throughout all areas of learning. Thank you for letting me publish this, C!
Mrs Williams

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Year 6 at Woodmill

The Year 6 children are at Woodmill! Accompanied by Miss Lott, Miss Jones, Mrs Cook, Ged (a school governor) and Mr Fairbank, the Year 6 started their camping adventure. This involved a meal all together, playing ball games and a dusk walk (where we spotted a deer). We sat around a camp fire and toasted marshmallows and then got ourselves sorted for bed. The night was cold and some sleep was had. Here are some photos of what has happened so far.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Year 3B Fantastic Forces!

We took advantage of the sunny weather today to find out about forces in our science lesson. In small groups we measured the distance a toy car travelled over different surfaces. 

The Stubbington Study Centre Trip

I have long understood the power of Outdoor Education: Done well, it can provide a platform from which both children and adults can grow. Experiences gained can have far reaching effects, and provide memories that can last a lifetime. Therefore its importance should never be underestimated. This is why I believe that residential trips such as the Stubbington Study Centre offered at Shirley Warren are a MUST experience that every child should have access to.

I had the pleasure of spending sometime there this summer passed with children that then were Y5. When I arrived, the main sound that filled the air was that of excited children running about, some with clipboards some without obviously engaged in different challenges that had been set. From a well-organised schedule the children get to participate in a variety of different activities throughout the week ranging from: studying pond life; setting mammal hotels which, if successful, enable the children to take a closer look at nature; beach combing; shelter building to name but a few! All designed to facilitate learning, teamwork and fun. One of the activities I particularly enjoyed watching was the ‘Earthquake Challenge’ getting the children to negotiate, lead their team, share ideas, help individual team members, then self-evaluate their efforts as a team at the end of each stage before they could move on to the next stage, which for me was wonderful to witness.

There was adequate free time when the children could play, make new friends or strengthen existing friendships from shared experiences. Surprise visitors added an extra element of excitement for the children, the outdoor experience is a great leveler; try the plank walk! To top it all off the final evening I witnessed the ‘S’ Factor, Stubbington’s own singing competition which the children had been practicing for all week- so captivating were the performances it was difficult to maintain dry eyes, 'amazing' is the only word suitable to describe such an event.

There was evidence a common thread ran through the whole experience for the children whilst at the centre, Teamwork, Respect and Responsibility. The whole experience created at the Centre is all skilfully managed with appropriate boundaries maintained not only by the centre staff but also by the dedicated teaching staff at Shirley Warren who give up valuable time with their family and friends to help facilitate such a wonderful experience for the children must not go unmentioned. May I personally applaud such dedication on behalf of the Governors at Shirley Warren.

I look forward to visiting the next generation of adventures at the Stubbington Study Centre this coming year.

                                                                      Ged Hayes-Gerrard                                                                                                                                    (thecyclingbear)

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tennis Tournament Year 3B

Some of our Year 3 children were selected to play in a Under 8's tennis tournament at David Lloyd.
After a quick warm up and stretch the children were ready to play! Great fun had by all.

Accident Prevention

Year 5 had the second workshop linking to Accident Prevention this afternoon. Doctors, nurses, paramedics and people from Southampton City Council came to visit the children to provide the workshop. The children really enjoyed themselves, and learnt lots of new ways to keep themselves safe on and near roads. Thank you to our visitors!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

British Values at Shirley Warren

Year 5 have been thinking about what British Values are and what they mean to us.
We have been doing different things about British values for morning task, homework and sometimes maths over a period of time. This was because of the Election and we did the candidate votes as well.  Firstly we did the polling card and you had to write the 5 main parties and their quotes. Then we had to vote which you could vote what you wanted to do.

We also planned a budget. This was quite fun because I like mental maths and we had to multiply and divide things and you had to write how much you save and spend each week.

Our British Values topic was quite fun because it had different subjects like story writing (literacy) and planning a budget (maths) and we learnt a lot.