Friday, 29 January 2016

Reception's time with Ted Ted

Ted Ted is RS's new class bear brought by Mr Thompson. The children in our class have to work really hard, if they show that they are working very hard they can take Ted Ted home for the evening. Ted Ted has a journal that the children can write in. They can include pictures, drawings, writing or cards.

Y3S Pizza Makers!

Today, we were able to be pizza makers and create our own pizza! We had designed our pizza during the week after we discussed what we could make as a balanced meal that included all of the food groups. We drew a picture of our pizza and wrote a list of the ingredients needed to make it. Miss Smith then went off and bought the ingredients that we needed (she only forgot the mushrooms!) We had a great time making our pizzas and we thought they tasted yummy!

Volcano Experiment

This week our learning about dinosaurs has led us in another direction. We have been learning about extinction and thinking about possible ways the dinosaurs died out as no one knows for sure. This has sparked a real interest with us about volcanoes. We have talked about what a volcano is and what happens in an eruption after watching some information videos. We then conducted our own experiment by making a volcano and seeing what would happen in an eruption using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda as our lava. It was super exciting and we all loved seeing it happen for real on our model! It has led to lots of brilliant discussions and explanations about features of our World, well done Reception!

Monday, 25 January 2016

500 words competition.

For the last few weeks, Year 6 have been carefully composing their 500 word stories to send into the BBC.  They chose which genre to write in and have been checking that their stories are unique, interesting and within the limit.

"My story is about a boy named Ten Maddigan who went missing and his twin and friends need to find him." R

"At the end. of my story was a terrifying growl of a dog who had teeth like knives, travelling through the misty dark forest." S

"My story is about children at a camp and a girl who gets dizzy and falls on the floor....." T

I'm sure if you ask some of the Year 6's they will tell you all 500 words of their story!!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Federation Book Club

Three Year 5 children went to the Southampton Central Library to take part in the first ever 'Redbridge and Lordshill Federation' Book Club. 3 children from each of the participating schools read one of 3 books. They were 'Twelve Minutes to Midnight' by Christopher Edge, 'Over The Line' by Tom Palmer, and 'A Boy Called Hope' by Lara Williamson. They read the books over the Christmas holidays, and met at the library to chat to the other children at the other schools who had read the same books. They has some very interesting discussions, and we will publish the reviews they made soon. They were superstars, and hopefully this will be first of many Book Clubs.

Florence Nightingale's Timeline

Our topic this term is 'Nuturing Nurses.' One of the nurses we are learning about is Florence Nightingale. We found about the main events of her life and then made a timeline of these. We made the timelines to scale, using our skills that we have leanrt in our number work. As Florence trained to be a nurse for 16 years, that section of the timeline was measured to be 16cm long. It was great fun!

e-safety in Year 2

In Year 2, our e-safety topic is learning how avatars can be very useful in keeping us safe on the internet, and how best to use them. In our first session, we had a go at making an avatar that looks as much like us as possible. What do you think?

Friday, 22 January 2016

Nothing is as good as when we bounce!

Nursery are loving their new music from Mrs Mead. We particularly enjoy the bounce song where we get to shake our pom poms.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Maths in Y4H

This week in Y4H we have been looking at Chinese menus and the mathematical features we can see on them. We came up with: money, decimals, numbers (in order) increasing in one each time, shape, and time. We then used the menus to order meals for a given amount of people with a certain budget. We had great fun, take at look at us working on it!

Solid, liquid or gas?

We have been investigating the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We worked as part of a team to represent the particles. 

Here is a representation of particles in a solid. 
Here are the particles in a liquid.

Here are the particles in a gas. 

Teddy Bears Hospital

RG had a brilliant visit yesterday from some trainee doctors. We took part in 'Teddy Bears Hospital' with our furry friends from home. We had lots of fun learning about healthy and unhealthy food, brushing our teddies teeth, learning about our bodies and what each part does and keeping watch over Mr Bump and Mr Silly so they didn't do anything dangerous in their house. However our favourite part was getting to be a doctor to our teddies using all the special equipment that the doctor brought. We checked their heartbeat, bloody pressure and eyes and gave them an injection or bandage if they needed it. Thank you so much to our visitors for such a fun afternoon of learning!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Herman the German #4

Herman is now a cake! Smells really good! I'll try my best not to eat it before Wednesday! Hope you're looking forward to it Year 6. I wonder who has taken Herman home today? 

Cecilia Mansford drops in on Year 2

Last week, we had a visitor from the past! Cecilia Mansford came to our class because she was best friends with a special lady called Florence Nightingale. We have been learning about Florence as part of our Nurturing Nurses topic.

Cecilia told us all about Florence's life and also showed us how to talk with a fan and write with a quill, just like they would have done when Florence Nightingale was alive. We also dressed up in costumes from Victorian times.

Here are some pictures from our day.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Herman the German #3

Herman is now on day 10 and has been fed again. I've divided him into 4 ready to give out and bake into a cake.... Yummy!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Year 3 Viking Shields

For a home project last term, Year 3 could choose to make a Viking shield. The Viking shields that came in were amazing! They looked so wonderful in our classrooms! Well done for your hard work at home!

Going for Goals

Last week in Receprion we introduced our new SEAL topic 'going for goals'. We spoke about things we were good at and then this week we have each set ourselves a goal. These range from being able to complete a puzzle, learning to kick a ball and even learning to ride a motorbike! We are going to work hard next week the practise our skills (well the ones we can anyway!) to see if we can improve and achieve our goals. We will let you know how we get on :) 

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Year 5, The Water Cycle

We have been investigating The Water Cycle as part of our new topic Coastal Landscapes and Processes. 
We made our very own model of The Water Cycle using tinfoil, ice cubes, a plastic cup and hot water. 
We have learned new terms evaporation, condensation, precipitation and infiltration. These are all key processes in The Water Cycle. Have a go at making the water cycle model at home. 

"I'm stickman, I'm stickman, I'm stickman that's me"

Nursery have loved learning about stickman over the last two weeks! We have also been painting some pictures of stickman and his family tree.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Herman the German #2

Herman is on day 4 of his cycle and has had his first feed of flour, milk and sugar. I got a bit worries as I put in cold not warm milk, but he seems to be bubbling up just fine!

Year 4K Statistics

Year 4 have written their own surveys to discover trends in our classes. For example, some children have chosen to investigate how active our year group is or how we use our local facilities. We are presenting the data collected in bar charts. Each bar chart seems to be better than the last one! Our final step is to analyse our data. What will we discover?  

Monday, 11 January 2016

Green Council Update

We have ordered our own Green Council Hi Viz Jackets.

They are going to look like this:

When we get them, we will wear them out in the playground every day so we can try and make people be friends and have a fun time time at school and make sure they are not getting bullied and hurt. We are also going to encourage people to pick up litter.

If you have any ideas for Green council, please put them in the Bright Ideas Box.

By Green Council

Friday, 8 January 2016

Herman the German In Year 6

Year 6 kicked off their bread making topic today. We made a Herman the German sourdough starter today and hope that Mrs Mead can look after him this week so he can be split up and shared around the class... Watch this space for Herman updates....

He managed to make it home in my car and seems happily settled in the kitchen!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Year 2 do Jamaican Art

Year 2 have done some Jamaican Art because we are learning about Jamaica. We used bright colours to match the painting by a famous Jamaican artist. We used yellow, light green, red and orange. Look at what we did.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Puppet pals in Year 6

In Year 6 today we have been researching types of genre in order to enter the BBC 500 words competition.

First we thought about genres of writing, including comedy, adventure, science fiction and historical. Then we thought about these pointers to create scenes for the rest of the class to guess.

Can you guess which genre this Puppet Pals video is from?

Going for Goals!

We had an assembly linked to the New Year on "Going for Goals".

We have many children in our school who are going for goals.

One of the boys from Year 5 treated us to a piece of music he had just learned in his guitar lesson. The whole school was spellbound and gave him a huge round of applause.  We also have some children who do the Junior Parkrun, and one girl in Year 3 has done 52 Parkruns!

We learnt about another girl in Southampton who was the first in the country to complete 100 Junior Parkruns, and her sister who has Rett Syndrome who has completed 21 Parkruns (equivalent to a marathon) even though she needs help to walk.  These stories were very inspirational.

After the assembly, a girl from year 4 told me her goal was to master the "frog stroke" in her swimming lessons.

I wonder what goals you have, and what could you do today to move closer to your goals?

Monday, 4 January 2016

Construction in Year 1!

We are having lots of fun trying to build our Lego presents from Santa. It is a little bit tricky but we are trying really hard to follow the instructions independently!