Monday, 21 May 2018

Test on Volcanic Eruptions By CA

Today Class 6C did an experiment about volcanoes in our playground, so that we wouldn't cause too much mess in the classroom!

So we took a bottle of Coke and some polos. Then we set everything up, making sure we had a bucket of water for afterwards.

We used the bottle to represent the crust. The liquid coke we used to represent the magma. 

Then we all went a safe distance away from the experiment and our teacher dropped in the polos to create the eruption.

The experiment ended up being successful, although I think next time we would add something so we could drop in the polos quicker, as you can see from the video how we didn't get it in quick enough.

By CA in 6C

Friday, 18 May 2018

Year 6 celebrate the end of SATs!

Year 6 have been superstars this week completing their end of Key Stage 2 SATs tests - we are all very proud of their effort and attitude!
We celebrated today by taking a trip to Harbour Lights cinema to watch Coco. It was a great film (although it made a few of us cry at the end!) and we loved having popcorn. We also had the whole cinema to ourselves! What a treat!
Once again, well done Year 6. You have been amazing this week. Have a lovely, restful weekend!

Friday, 11 May 2018

Year 5 Flutes

The Year 5 flutes have been working really hard this half term. They have been making an extra effort to remeber their lessons and to practice at home.

It has really paid off - well done flautists!

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Amazing animals!!

Year 1 went to Marwell Zoo and had lots of fun observing all the amazing animals.

Marwell knew we were coming as we had written a letter telling them how excited we were and which animals we wanted to see.

The weather was lovely and we had a workshop where we had the chance to touch a snake and a rat.
We were all so brave!

We will now write a recount.