Saturday, 13 July 2019

Utilita Energy Competition

A new energy hub on Shirley High Street, called Utilita, ran a competition where children at Shirley Warren were invited to design a poster to persuade people to save energy.

JB in 5D was the runner-up and today she and Miss Dickinson went down to the brand-new hub's opening to be awarded with her prize! Well done!

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Green Council at Aldermoor Farm

Today, all the members of Green Council were excited to go to a farm which is very local to us called Aldermoor Farm.

Farmer Richard welcomed us to the farm.

In this photo we are looking at the safety notice on the back of the sign so that we know all of the hazards of a working farm.

Can you think of any hazards there might be on a working farm?

Richard gave us a tour of his farm.

One thing he really wanted us to see was his "savings account".  Here is is in the second photo.

Can you guess what it is?

It really smelt disgusting as you can see from some of our faces!
Richard gave everyone some old spinach plants to feed the chickens with.  We found out that the chickens ate them very quickly!

 Our next job was to plant some flowers in front of the runner beans.  After they were planted we had to water them and also water the lettuces and other vegetables which the sprinkler couldn't reach.

We found out that Aldermoor Farm has a natural spring and Richard has made lots of hoses and clever ways to make the water effective throughout the whole of the farm.
Finally, we got to feed the chickens seed. We found out that Aldermoor Farm is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9am to 5pm.  There is a shop and if you want to feed the chickens, you can pay 20p for a bag of feed.  It would be lovely to see many families from Shirley Warren visit the farm and get involved. 

French Day in Year 3!

Bonjour! Year 3 have had lots of fun dressing up and learning a new language on French Day. We wore our best red, blue and white outfits and practised speaking and writing in French. We learnt how to say the different parts of the body in French and then labelled a picture of Bart Simpson. Au revoir!

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

French Day Fun in RB!

We have had a lovely morning in RB enjoying a variety of French activities. We have sung some French songs learning simple greetings and numbers. We have also used information books to find out new things about France. We especially liked the Eiffel Tower and were excited to find out that it lights up at night time!

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Y4 at the Guildhall

Year 4 pupils took part in a city-wide music concert. We went to the Guildhall in Southampton and played together with lots of other schools from the city. The met the composer of the piece and followed our conductor carefully.

We had an amazing time and felt very proud of ourselves!

RB learning about Specialness and Special Things

In Reception we have been learning about the concept 'Specialness' and theme 'Special Things'.
We sorted what was special and what was not special e.g. party shoes and normal shoes, a tree and a christmas tree. We then looked at what was special to Jewish people and why e.g. a Synagogue and The Torah. We made our own Torah covers called a 'Mantle' with special symbols important to us.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Year 1 Soccer Aid

On Soccer Aid 2019 Year 1 had lots of fun wearing their sports clothes and using algorithms to instruct their friends from one part of the playground to another.
We discussed and thought about all the children around the world who do not have access to a playground and how everyone has a right to play.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Collective Worship - Year 5

Our theme for Collective Worship this week was Trust. This involved lots of reflections about the people that we trust in our lives, exploring the trust that people have in Jesus and discussing the qualities we can develop to ensure that people can trust us too! We put the theories to the test with an activity (as shown above) to gain a better understanding of just how important trust is - and to no surprise, the answer was VERY! 

Friday, 28 June 2019

Soccer Aid in Year 4

Today we put on brightly coloured sports tops to raise money and awareness for Socer Aid with Unicef.

If you look sideways at this lovely work by three girls in 4C, you can see what they consider to be "wants," "needs" or not sure.  They also listed some of their own.


4D thought about designing a perfect playground.

Here are just a few of their great ideas.

What would you like to see in a perfect playground?

Supporting Soccer Aid in Reception

Today was a great day in Reception. We all wore special sports clothes to support Soccer Aid by UNICEF . We talked about what the charity does and looked at what our money could go towards. We also explored why it was so important that children learn and play. We talked about  how lucky we are in our class because we can read, write and play everyday! We explored our right to play and made links by looking at different pictures. We love being a Rights Respecting School. Thank you to all the grown ups who donated in our Reception classes today.

Shirley Warren's Soccer Aid!

Soccer Aid 2019 at Shirley Warren
Article 31: All children have the right to play and rest.
Check out our super sporty outfits and all the fun we've had today! Thanks to all the kind donations, we have raised an amazing £228 - enough to fund a 'pre-school in a box' and 150 life-saving medicine kits for children in countries less fortunate than ours.

Matilda The Musical!

Fourteen lucky children from Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful day out at the Mayflower Theatre. In the morning we had a tour of all the secret areas of the theatre, including the fly floor and the orchestra pit. We then enjoyed a drama and singing workshop.

After lunch we watched the show and it was AMAZING!

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Shabbat Shalom!

Last term in reception we have been learning about how some people celebrate Shabbat. We talked about how this can be similar or different to celebrations in our own lives. In addition, we talked about what festive days we celebrate and understand that all of us are different and may celebrate different things. We are now excited to focus on 'Specialness' and 'Special Things' in RE this term.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Scooter Challenge Week June 2019

To coincide with Cleaner Air Day, Early Years and KS1 took part in the Inter-School Scooter Challenge to see how many children could scoot to school during the week beginning 17th June. We managed to do a fantastic 201 scoots. Congratulations to 2S who had the most scoots to school! Well done everyone involved.

Scooting is good fun and great exercise and it helps to improve the air quality around our school. Before the challenge we all had a reminder of scooter safety skills. Don't forget we have our scooter pod if you choose to continue to scoot to school, please remember your lock and helmet!

Here are some of the posters we made on Cleaner Air day.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Religious Education in Year 1

Our Religious Education focus this half term is "Change" and looking at how Jesus changed the lives of the people he met. We started by talking about what "change" meant to us and thinking about things that have changed in our own lives. We then explained how this made us feel and decided if they were good changes or bad changes.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Year 5 - It’s a Knockout!

Some of our Year 5s visited Redbridge Community School today to participate in their ‘Its a Knockout’ event run by their Year 9/10 Sports Reps. Our 3 Shirley Warren teams (Barlow’s Bananas, McKitterick Minions and Zhang Zebras) participated in a carousel of activities against several other schools in our federation, receiving a score at the end of each station out of 10 for teamwork. We had a lot of fun throughout the day throwing wellies, untangling human knots and pretending the floor was lava - to name only a few favourites -  and we thankfully managed to avoid the downpour! A massive well done to ‘Barlow’s Bananas’ led by a competitive Mrs Barlow, who narrowly missed out on a top 3 position! 

Collective Worship in Year 4

This week our theme has been Generosity. We have learned and reflected  that to be generous we have to be kind, help others and respect others. We listened to a story from the Bible called 'The Widow's Mite' which showed a poor widow ,who gave less,  was actually more generous because she didn't have much to give compared to the wealthy men. We listened to the following prayer:

 Dear God, it is so easy to want things for myself.
Please help me to think of others instead.

Year 3 Trip to Harry Potter Studios!

On Tuesday, Year 3 went on the trip to Harry Potter Studios! We  learnt so much about the books and the films. We all had such a wonderful time, and we cannot wait to do lots of writing about our trip! Here are some pictures from our magical day. 

Clean Air Day 2019

Today at Green Council we decided to raise awareness by making large letters spelling out "Clean Air Day"

As we know it's very important to celebrate the air we breathe in and out, we had a go at Ink Blowing to create our letters.  We all had a great time trying to make patterns and mix the ink.

What do you think?

Have you made any pledges for Clean Air Day?

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Year 5's London Trip!

Year 5 had a fabulous day in London yesterday, enjoying the sunshine and the views from the London Eye and the Thames River Cruise! It's given us lots of ideas for our writing topic based on the book 'The London Eye Mystery'. Check out our pictures to see just how much fun we had!