Friday, 21 September 2018

1S - Learning how to stay safe online

We have been learning alll about what to do to keep ourselves safe when we are online this week.
We decided we should only tell our passwords to an adult we trust and nobody else and Lock-It.
If anything pops up on screen that we are not sure about we should Block-It and Show -It to an adult.
If someone is being unkind to us we will Tell-It to someone we trust so that they can help us stay safe. We learned some actions to help us remember these important rules and then used an ipad application called Morfo to make some crazy faces with messages to remind us.

Ever wondered how safe you are online? If the answer is yes, check out Year 6's e-safety videos


Always remember to Lock it, Block it, Show it, Tell it!

3H E-safety

This week Y3H have enjoyed learning all about e-safety. We have had lots of discussions about the games that we play online and about how to play these safely. We spoke about the importance of keeping our personal information to ourselves and we had a go at using Publisher to create e-safety posters.

E Safety in 4C

We followed up Mr Soffe's awesome e-safety assembly by creating our own poster to help others understand why esafety is important. Then the class voted on the most informative poster. The winning poster said, "Before you send a message, let your parent or guardian know what you have written, If you delete your message your parent won't know if you have written something bad or good." By JN The winning girl's poster was this one. "It is important to be safe in the internet because if you get an email from someone you do not know you should always tell an adult. Get an adult to see what it is and then delete it. Never open anything on the internet that you don't know about. If you find anything like messages or emails always lock it, block it, show it and tell it. Always tell an adult about new information. Always never go on inappropriate apps." by LR. Well done class 4C, you have a lot of knowledge of e-safety.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

5M's Guide to E-safety!

To celebrate E-safety week, we have spent a lot of time in class discussing the apps, websites and forms of social media we like to use. We discussed how often we use them and what we use them for, including playing games, listening to music and chatting to friends. Most importantly, we talked about how we can ensure we stay safe using them and whilst we knew there were many things we must do, we have created a video to explain our top 5 tips for those who may be unsure! 

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Amazing story telling...

1L were invited in to visit 2S and listen to the amazing stories they had written.

1L looked out for the Year 2 skills they will need to include, within their writing, when they are in Year 2.

Thank you 2S for sharing your brilliant stories!

Monday, 16 July 2018

6D Scooter Skills Session

6D won a competition when they recorder the different ways they travel to school over four weeks.

They were rewarded with a session from Bike It Jenny who brought in scooters (and helmets) for the children to try.

First, Jenny tested that the children could stop safely. 

There was a course to scoot round including "roundabouts" (hoops on the ground) and a "zebra crossing" (black and white flag).

The children also had a go at playing musical statues on scooters!
These are great ideas that you could try with a scooter in the summer holidays. If you don't have cones, you could put stones down carefully to scoot around.

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Un, Deux, Trois.....

We have had fun in 1S this week learning all about France. We know how to count to ten, we discovered different ways of travelling to France and we now know the capital city.
We made our own French flags and also discovered that France has a better football team than England!!!

Friday, 13 July 2018

Nursery Sing-a-long

Today we had a lovely sing-a-long in Nursery.

Children and adults enjoyed singing and doing the actions of our Summer songs, including one of our favourites... Baby Shark!

Thank you to Mrs Bullas and everybody who could make it.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Fairground Ride DT Day in Year 6

These photos show some children from Year 6 deep in concentration as they work to create their fairground rides from their designs.

Can you spot the amazing unicorns at the top of this ride?

They needed to include a motor to make it spin.

This group were the first to make their motor work.

Well done Year 6.

French day in 1L

1L really enjoyed learning about France.

They learnt about the capital city, the food and all the famous and amazing landmarks France has.

They coloured in France's flag,

and drew the facts they had learnt about France.

Some of them now want to go to France on holiday! :)

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Nursery Sports Day!

Today was Nursery's Sports Day.

Our children did a fantastic job with all the activities.

We had jumping, throwing, balancing, dribbling and running!

Well done to everyone who took part and thanks to parents for your support!

Monday, 2 July 2018

PCSO Visit to Green Council

Today, PSCO Louis De'Ath came to tell us about his job.

He works at Redbridge Fire Station.
We thought that the police arrest people, give warnings, investigate and help at car accidents.
We found out that most importantly, they help people!

Louis is a PCSO. A Police Community Support Officer. If you are lost and you see him, he can help you.  He wants to make sure everyone is OK.  He showed us his special radio.  He likes cycling along Warren Avenue.

He said the biggest thing we can do to help the police is to talk to them! Tell someone you trust if something is happening that isn't right. Just like in school, we need to talk to each other to help everyone be safe.

Sometimes he has to check if there are children playing safely, and he reminded us to take care on the roads and look both ways. We are going to remind our class how to stay safe.

If you see PCSO Louis around, will you give him a smile or a wave?

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Football team victory!

Yesterday, the football team competed in the Testlands Tournament against 10 other schools. It was a very hot day; luckily umbrellas at bottoms of bags came in handy for shade!

We had an unlucky start, losing to Moorlands (who went on to win the entire tournament) and Springhill B. This put us into the B league.
However after lunch the games flipped our way as we went on to beat Bassett Green 2-0, Springhill B 3-0, Banister B 6-0 and Banister A 1-0! 
There were some superb passes and interceptions - Miss Dickinson was very proud to be on the sidelines cheering them on!
The tournament ended with us winning our league. Congratulations boys - you have worked so hard this year and after that great performance yesterday, you deserved to win!

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Sports Leaders

Over the year, the Shirley Warren Sports Leaders have been training to plan and deliver sports to children across the school. They have been out at lunchtimes running fun activities with Key Stage 1 and yesterday they assisted our coaches with a Year 1 lesson!

Mr Stanley and Mr Ship have been blown away by their patience, dedication and leadership skills and said that they were absolutely amazing in yesterday's lesson. Well done Sports Leaders!

If you are in Year 4 or 5 and think you might make a good Sports Leader, make sure you let Mr Ship or Miss Dickinson know as we'll be looking for new Leaders next year!

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Aldermoor Green Council Farmers!

Today Green Council visited Aldermoor Community Farm to see how Richard and the team Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, and also to reward our Green Council reps for working hard all year on Pupil Voice issues.

First, we had to identify the root vegetables from the leaves above. There were carrots, radishes and beetroot. Would you know what they look like or what their leaves look like?

Next Richard asked us to pick the radishes. We learnt that he will sell them in his shop on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9am-5pm and they now take card payments.

When the radishes were picked there was space to plant new seeds - radishes, beetroot or carrots.

After this the hungry chickens needed feeding. If you want to go and feed the chickens at the farm, it is only 20p when the farm is open.

Our last task was plaiting garlic. This was quite tricky but a clever Year 6 who already had plaits demonstrated this skill.

We found out that one of our Year 4's is a regular volunteer on the farm.

Last but not least, somebody made friends with a caterpillar. can you see it on her arm?

Thanks to Farmer Richard for letting us help him.
If you want to know more about Aldermoor Farm, look up There may be an Open Day coming up soon.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Cord Electra Concert

KS2 enjoyed a fabulous concert from Cord Electra today. We heard a lot of different music and joined in with the singing!

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Young Voices DVD night

We had a wonderful evening yesterday, remembering the choir trip to the O2 Arena. We watched the DVD of the night and sang along. We managed to spot ourselves twice - not bad considering it was a choir of over 7000 children!

What amazing memories!

Monday, 11 June 2018

Clean Air at Shirley Warren

Today, Jean MacGrory from My Journey at Hampshire County Council came to talk to us about Clean Air at Shirley Warren.

We learnt that pollution is bad for the environment, for example by factories and burning fossil fuels.  Southampton is in the top 5 worst cities in the UK for pollution.
Cars are one of the worst way in which our city is polluted.
We found out that we can do things like walk or cycle to school and have plants around the house.
We need to share with our families that we need to be thinking about using our cars less if possible.
Jean told us all about Clean Air Day on 21st of June. It's a Thursday but you could go after school and there are things for children to do until 7pm.

She also left leaflets with clean air advice, including a new app to help asthma and people with breathing problems find out what their air quality is like.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about Clean Air and how we can help, you can ask Mrs Williams, the Green Council leader.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Busy times in Year 6!

Year 6 have been kept very busy this week! Not only have we been learning about derived facts in Maths and writing short stories based on 'Alma' in English, but we have also managed to pack in two new topics in Geography and Science!

In Science, we have been recapping what we learnt in Year 4 about electricity and building on this to experiment with making and debugging circuits. We came up with our own research questions and investigated these. We were surprised by our findings!

In Geography, we have been learning about mountain formation using what we learnt about tectonic plates last half term. Did you know that there are five key types of mountains? In the first picture, Miss Dixon is pushing her hands together on the towel, maintaining pressure; this creates folds in the towel, just like what happens with the Earth's crust!
In the second, the balloon represented swollen magma underneath the crust which creates a dome mountain.

We're looking forward to learning more about mountains next week... that is, when we're not busy at Woodmill! Hope the packing is going well, Year 6!