Thursday, 23 May 2019

RB's picnic in the sunshine!

RB had a lovely afternoon having a class picnic outside on the grass. RB gained all their marbles in the jar and voted for a picnic in the sunshine. We made our own sandwiches and got to spread them by ourselves. We sat next to friends in the big playground and played games using the giant scrunchie and parachute.

Discussing Elections at Shirley Warren

Today we had a visit from our new councillor, Sally Spicer, who is also a governor.

She told us that she got elected for the Labour Party for the city council. She is looking after an area which is called Redbridge Ward which is Millbrook, Maybush and Lordshill.

We had questions to ask her:
Why did you want to be a councillor?
I like helping people and I want to make the area better for people.

I want the park to be better in Millkbrook, there is going to be a big new park in Mansel Park.
Another passion is housing, I want more council houses.
We can't always do the things we want to do because we don't have lots of money.
I am on committees like the licencing committee.
There is a new Lidl being built so I have been working on that and residents are happy they have a different shop to go to as well as Tesco and Sainsburys.
Recently a bus stop that elderly residents use was stopped so Sally has sent lots of emails to try and change this. Here is a photo.

What did you study in school?
I wasn't political, I wanted to look after children.  There isn't a criteria when you want to be a candidate: I had to say I wanted to help people and I got chosen by my party.

Why did you want to be part of it?
I feel we need people to do good things in the city.

How do you help people?
Sometimes they phone me and I've got a website.

Are you happy about what you're doing?
Yes, I work at the hospital so I do this in my spare time.

How hard was it?
Quite hard because you have to convince people you are best for the job.

Are you having a good time with your work?
Yes, it's very rewarding and I have done things like help keep the swimming pool open.

What was one of the easiest things?
Getting the hedges cut along Romsey Road.

And the hardest?
Oaklands Pool

Religious Education in Year 4

Our key concept in Religion this term has been 'Rituals' and our theme has been prayers. We learned about the Rosary and its importance. We wrote instructions of how to say the Rosary and then made our very own Rosary beads to represent the different parts of the prayer.

Design and Technology in Year 4

In Design and Technology our focus has been textiles- we will be making a stuffed toy (frog). First, we completed some background research then had a look at a choice of materials, templates and decided what filling we want to use. We will contine to practise the running stitch and back stitch before making our frogs. We look forward to sharing our projects when we are finished.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Walk to School Week

It is Walk to School Week! We are encouraging families to walk to school during the week beginning 20th May. These are just some of the benefits...

- Less congestion outside the school
- Cleaner air in our local area
- Happier children

Walking to school is also a great opportunity to reinforce and talk about important road safety skills. 

We appreciate some families need to come in the car, even just parking a little further away and walking together will have the benefits above.

 This week we will be talking about why it is good to walk to school with our families and doing a hands-up survey to see how we most often get to school.

 Don’t forget we have our new scooter pod by the Warren Centre. If you scoot to school, don’t forget to wear your helmet and lock up your scooter during the day. Thank you for your support.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

FREE music workshops

Southampton Music Hub are offering FREE workshops to 'have-a-go' on an instrument you may not have tried before.

The instruments offered are the Double Bass & French Horn. If your child would like to have a go please contact the music hub or ask Mrs Mead for a booking form!

Friday, 10 May 2019

RE and Collective Worship - Year 5

Blog by PMM (5D)
In RE we've been learning about justice. One of the activities was to make a 'wordle' which is a group of words about justice and words which link to this idea (like rights, equality, democracy).
In Collective Worship we have learnt about respect, truthfulness and devotion.
This week, we have learned about the Islamic faith and how different families take part in Ramadan.

Girls Football - Match 2

Last night, our second team of girls headed to Newlands for a friendly match. We knew it would be a challenge, as this is our first time playing together, and against a strong team!
Everyone gave it everything they had and Miss Dickinson and Miss McKitterick were really proud to be coaching them on the sidelines.
Well done girls!

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Opera at the Mayflower

Image result for welsh national opera

Thirty children from the Key Stage 2 choir were luck enough to attend a concert by the Welsh National Opera.

We listened to the orchstra and heard soloists perform.

We all agreed that it was an amazing experience.

Image result for mayflower theatre

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

RE in Year 4

During Spring 2 our key concept was Symbols. First, we explored what a symbol is and what symbols can represent. We then began to mind map what symbols we have in our lives and what they mean to us. Having discussed symbols in depth, we then looked at the symbol of bread and wine and what these mean to Christians, linking to the Eucharist. We then wrote diary entries to explain how we would feel if someone destroyed a symbol that was meaningful to us. Now, we understand the importance and their use in a variety of religions. 

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Longdown Mobile Farm

What an incredible visit Reception had today from Farmer Ian and his animals! They children loved meeting and petting all the animals and we learnt a lot about animals and their babies which links to our learning on growing. It has inspired lots of farm learning this afternoon so we will be following the children’s interest and working this into our child unified learning. Thanks to Longodwn for another amazing experience!

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Girl’s Football (Match 1)

After having trained hard each Thursday afternoon throughout the Spring term, this week brought the first instalment of matches for our KS2 girls against an experienced Newlands team. Despite the unfortunate scoreline, the girls enthusiastically battled through and thoroughly enjoyed the chance to play on a grass pitch. On our return to school it was rewarding to hear the girls reflect on how much they felt they had improved since Week 1, including a quote from AP -  “I couldn’t even kick a ball!” 
Next week, Team 2 make the trip to Newlands to showcase their skills! Good luck girls!