Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Art and Music in Year 6

Year 6 have begun a project looking at the impact of music in film, specifically wildlife documentaries. This will link in to their work in English.

Today we studied the composer Hans Zimmer who writes the music for Planet Earth and Blue Planet. We listened to his piece 'Earth' which he has written for the BBC 10 Pieces project. We then responded to the music through Art, using watercolours.

You can listen to the piece here and maybe create your own artwork.

And look at our artwork here:

Well done to our amazing gardeners!

Wow! Well done to Shirley Warren School, Mrs Wilk and the gardening club, you have achieved a silver award in the category of 'Garden for Learning'.

Southampton in Bloom was a whole school project with children from all year groups planting, nurturing and helping to grow their patches.

Year 1 planted lettuces, Year 2 broad beans, Year 3 spinach and green peas, Years 4 and 5 aubergines and a gooseberry stub.

Gardening club expressed their joy: 'We learnt how to look after vegetables by watering them, tieing them up and removing green flies and caterpillars'.

KS1 planted: beans, onions, tomatoes, courgettes, sweet pepper and sowed beetroots, carrots, marigolds, nasturtium and cosmos.
KS2 planted potatoes, strawberries, courgettes, pumpkins, sunflowers, french beans. they also made a herb garden of dill, parsley, coriander and basil.

Who would like to join gardening club next half term?...

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Year 6 E-Safety

Year 6 E-Safety Week! 

We have been busy in year 6 discussing what constitutes e-safety and how we can keep ourselves safe on the internet. We started our discussion by considering what e-safety means and how we can keep ourselves safe. Here our some of our considerations:

We then watched two videos reminding us how to keep our information, ourselves and other people safe online. These were very informative and enabled us to think about our own safety online. These are the links if you want to check them out to further your own understanding of e-safety! 

Next, we looked at three different Instagram accounts. One exposed the identity of a person using their name, pictures and personal information and the other two used avatars as their pictures. However, one used their name and the other used a fake name. This sparked a discussion about how important it is to keep our information and identity private when using the internet and social media sites. We can do this by: 

Monday, 16 September 2019

Y4 are 'buzzing' about Music!

Year 4 have begun their year of instrumental learning. We have begun with a focus on brass instruments. This week we learnt the correct 'embouchure' for creating a buzz on a mouthpiece and then got to play our first piece.
We really had to focus on resilience as it wasn't easy at first, but Mrs Mead was really proud of what we achieved by the end of the lesson.

Music in KS1

We have been seeing what has been in the KS1 Music bag over the last few weeks and today we found the last puppet in the musical scale - Elsa. Here she is joining the other puppets in the musical scale box.

We talked about why Chase is the leader of the puppets and not Anna when the alphabet starts with an A. This is because middle C is very important in music.  Can you name all of the other characters? Which characters would you choose for the letters A to G?

Year 1 learn all about: Lock it, Block it, Show it, Tell it

Lock It, Block It, Show It, Tell It is a strategy with an easy to remember slogan to promote online safety to children and their parents.

Lock It

This is about keeping personal information secure: usernames, passwords and personal details.

Block It

This is about blocking rude or nasty messages. It's about blocking bad websites, not downloading anything you're unsure about, and not clicking on any links or pictures you don't know about.

Show It

This is about showing an adult if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or is inappropriate. This could be a website, a picture, a message or a video.

Tell It

This is about telling an adult if you feel you are being bullied or upset online.

Year 1 have thought up some actions to go alongside this slogan, to help them remember the rules of being safe online.
Lock it!

Block it!

Show it!

Tell it!

Friday, 13 September 2019

Democracy and Voting at Shirley Warren primary

One of the things we do as a school in the first few weeks of term is vote for who we would like to represent each class at Green Council.  Green Council is our school council with an eco focus which has 12 members, a boy and a girl from each year group.

This year, Year 4 used the UK parliament's Fairness resources to learn about how decisions are made in a democracy.

First we had to get into small groups and discuss whether we thought each of these statements was fair, unfair or don't know. What would you say?

* Adults do not have to go to school

* Children have to go to school

*Children have to do homework

*Dog owners have to clean up after their dogs

*Children are not allowed to drive

*School holidays are usually at about the same time for all children

*The school rules apply to all children

*Some people can run faster than others

After this, those who wanted to be Green Council reps (they are called candidates) made a speech in fromt of the class saying why they would make a good rep. Finally, we had a secret ballot and one member of the class was chosen.

Next Friday Green Council will meet for the first time and you will see who they are on the next blog post.

Mrs Williams

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Thursday @ Stubby (part 2)

What another jam-packed day!

5D completed their Eggstreme Challenge...

5M had a quaking time at the Earthquake zone...


We both discovered a secret guest in our mammal hotels!

We were lucky enough to have an evening visit from Mrs Mann and Miss Lott too!

Can't believe we're coming home tomorrow. We've had such an amazing time but looking forward to seeing you all :)

Stubbington - Day 4 (part one)

After another delicious breakfast and room inspection (they are getting slightly better!), it was time to check our Small Animal Hotels to see if any visitors had checked in overnight.

There were promising signs in some of the hotels, with two looking as if they may have a visitor.

We carefully carried all the hotels to the classroom and hoped there would be something for us to examine.

Very quietly and carefully, we opened up the animal hotel...

We had a visitor! It was a common shrew. An amazing and quite rare find as these little creatures need to eat every couple of hours. 

Not sure if Miss D was nervous or excited...

As an insectivore it hadn't been very impressed by our seeds, apple and chocolate however it soon cheered up once we found it some delicious worms and woodlice to munch on.

The children had lots of questions about the shrew.

We were able to study the shrew to answer all our questions and we also discovered it was a female - Charlotte the Shirley Warren Shrew!!

The children had an opportunity to estimate the weight of the shrew - inside a bag for the shrew's safety!

After the session we released Charlotte the Shrew back to where we had found her - she was very happy to scurry off into the bushes.

The afternoon session was an exciting trip to Earthquake!!!  See Miss D's blog for photos. All I can say is that Mrs Mead managed to fall in...

This evening, we had the delight of the 'S Factor'! The children all performed their house song amazingly well, showing their fantastic teamwork and courage in front of an audience.  

However, there could only be one winner - I have to say the best team, Kestrels, won. Although as Kestrel Team Leader, I may be a little biased...

All in bed and snoring away.  More adventures await tomorrow before our journey home.

See you all soon.

Mrs Mills and 5M.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Stubby Day 3 - 5D focus

Another great day down here at Stubby lead 5D to the Earthquake Rescue Zone!


Luckily everyone made it through the rescue zone in one piece!

This afternoon, we had the challenge of learning how to use a compass - this was much trickier than it looked but by the end of the session, we could all use our compasses to navigate around the centre!


We've also designed, created and hidden mammal hotels around the conservation area (see 5M's blog post for pictures - Miss D was having too much fun creating her hotel... oops!). Photos to follow tomorrow when we check if we had any overnight visitors!

Once again, thank you for your comments on the blog - it's making us all feel very loved! Lots of Stubby postcards are winging their way home to you right now.

Love, Year 5 x

Stubbington Trip - day 3 (5M focus)

Stubbington delivered another fabulous day full of activities and adventures!

Once we were all up, well fed and ready for the day, we began our EGGstremely EGGciting EGG challenge!

In order to 'buy' materials for the challenge, each group had to work as a team to solve various problems - every problem solved awarded a certain amount of tokens.

After the activities were completed, each team had to choose which items to purchase for their ECD or Egg Carrying Device.

Once the Egg Carrying Devices were built, it was time to launch the Kinder eggs with the Stubby Trebuchet!!

Some were more successful than others....

Following a fantastic and filling lunch, our playtime was a great chance to catch up with friends before the next activity.

Having seen deer, badgers and foxes at Stubbington we wondered what smaller animals might be living around us. It was time to build our Small Animal Hotels!

We filled the hotels with hay and tasty treats...

and placed them inside pipes to deter their predators.

Nothing yet...

Hopefully we'll get some little visitors overnight!

After another filling dinner, we all had some quiet classroom time. 

Once it was dark, it was time for our Pirate themed wide game - no photos yet as Mrs Mills was too busy hiding in a bramble bush as Pirate Hula Hoop! 

This really tired us all out tonight - showers were completed in record time before we all had an early (ish!) night.

I wonder what adventures will await us tomorrow?

Mrs Mills and all of 5M.