Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Stubbington day 2 (5D focus)

Hi everyone at home!

Wow - we've had so much fun today. Here's a brief snapshot of what we've been up to - with more photos, just like Miss D promised! :)

After an extremely delicious cooked breakfast, we headed to our rooms to tidy up for inspection. Some room for improvement, it seems...!
  (Side note - happy birthday HL!)

Then, we were stranded on a desert island (figuratively of course!). Luckily, we used our amazing teamwork skills to build some (mainly waterproof) shelters. Quite a heavy rain storm (which may have actually been the teachers with a bucket of water...) landed though... we got a bit wet!


In our free time, we're loving the adventure playground! It was such a beautiful day for it too.

This afternoon, it was down to the beach for some rockpooling! We found some really cool things: anemones, mussels, cockles and Miss D, AT and AC each found a shark's tooth!


All tucked up now ready for another good night's sleep and another busy day tomorrow!
Thank you for all your comments on the blog - we've loved reading them :)
Love, Year 5 x


  1. I can see that you're having a great time there. Can't wait to see more pictures. Maciej Mum

  2. We are all glad youre having a wonderful time @ stubbington. We miss you Harrison. Lots of love mum, ricky, bethany from 6D lydia and darcie xx

  3. Looks like you are all having a brilliant time .Enjoy the time without parents. Huge hug for Roksana. Miss you...Roksana's mum

  4. Good to see that kids have a good time.
    Sending hugs to Gabriel!
    Love from Mum, Dad, Sophia and Frankie

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  6. Looks like you're all having a great time. If a little wet in some. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Looking forward to hearing about it when you get back Harry. Dave T (Harrison's dad)


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