Thursday, 12 September 2019

Stubbington - Day 4 (part one)

After another delicious breakfast and room inspection (they are getting slightly better!), it was time to check our Small Animal Hotels to see if any visitors had checked in overnight.

There were promising signs in some of the hotels, with two looking as if they may have a visitor.

We carefully carried all the hotels to the classroom and hoped there would be something for us to examine.

Very quietly and carefully, we opened up the animal hotel...

We had a visitor! It was a common shrew. An amazing and quite rare find as these little creatures need to eat every couple of hours. 

Not sure if Miss D was nervous or excited...

As an insectivore it hadn't been very impressed by our seeds, apple and chocolate however it soon cheered up once we found it some delicious worms and woodlice to munch on.

The children had lots of questions about the shrew.

We were able to study the shrew to answer all our questions and we also discovered it was a female - Charlotte the Shirley Warren Shrew!!

The children had an opportunity to estimate the weight of the shrew - inside a bag for the shrew's safety!

After the session we released Charlotte the Shrew back to where we had found her - she was very happy to scurry off into the bushes.

The afternoon session was an exciting trip to Earthquake!!!  See Miss D's blog for photos. All I can say is that Mrs Mead managed to fall in...

This evening, we had the delight of the 'S Factor'! The children all performed their house song amazingly well, showing their fantastic teamwork and courage in front of an audience.  

However, there could only be one winner - I have to say the best team, Kestrels, won. Although as Kestrel Team Leader, I may be a little biased...

All in bed and snoring away.  More adventures await tomorrow before our journey home.

See you all soon.

Mrs Mills and 5M.

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