Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Stubbington Trip - day 3 (5M focus)

Stubbington delivered another fabulous day full of activities and adventures!

Once we were all up, well fed and ready for the day, we began our EGGstremely EGGciting EGG challenge!

In order to 'buy' materials for the challenge, each group had to work as a team to solve various problems - every problem solved awarded a certain amount of tokens.

After the activities were completed, each team had to choose which items to purchase for their ECD or Egg Carrying Device.

Once the Egg Carrying Devices were built, it was time to launch the Kinder eggs with the Stubby Trebuchet!!

Some were more successful than others....

Following a fantastic and filling lunch, our playtime was a great chance to catch up with friends before the next activity.

Having seen deer, badgers and foxes at Stubbington we wondered what smaller animals might be living around us. It was time to build our Small Animal Hotels!

We filled the hotels with hay and tasty treats...

and placed them inside pipes to deter their predators.

Nothing yet...

Hopefully we'll get some little visitors overnight!

After another filling dinner, we all had some quiet classroom time. 

Once it was dark, it was time for our Pirate themed wide game - no photos yet as Mrs Mills was too busy hiding in a bramble bush as Pirate Hula Hoop! 

This really tired us all out tonight - showers were completed in record time before we all had an early (ish!) night.

I wonder what adventures will await us tomorrow?

Mrs Mills and all of 5M.   


  1. Glad your all having a fabulous time. :) hope you catch lots of visitors in your hotels. Skys mum

  2. Hope you all enjoy your last day at stubbington. Cant wait to see you sky :)


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