Friday, 27 April 2018

Year1 Maths investigating fun!

In Year 1 we have been learning about grouping, adding and multiplication of numbers.

Today we used our knowledge of these skills to problem solve and carry out an investigation.
Can you find the answer systematically?

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Water Aid Speaker comes to Green Council

Today Tony Ridley come to speak to Green Council about Water Aid.

Mrs Williams made notes so that the Green Council reps can share with their classes the information he gave. This blog is a good way of sharing information.

Tony worked for HSBC and they supported the Water Aid charity and let him talk about it to local groups. He is now retired, but still does talks for Water Aid. He told us:
* 884 million (that's 884,000,000) people had no access to safe water in 2011, the figure now is only 650 million!
* Children often get diseases and may miss school as they have to get water.
*900 children under 5 die every day from very very bad tummy bugs.
* You can only go 3 days without water.
* In the UK people use on average 150 litres a day. In Africa they use 10 litres a day.
* 2.3 billion (that's 2,300,000,000) people don't have access to a toilet. That's about 30% of the world.
* Water Aid works with local people to provide sustainable solutions.  Here is a picture of some of the things they do.

We are going to raise some money for Water Aid charity and will make plans for that at our next Green Council meeting.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Titanic the Musical

15 pupils from Year 6 spent yesterday at the Mayflower theatre. The day began with a vocal workshop, learning a song from the show. We then shared our song with other schools and looked at artifacts from the Titanic.

After lunch, we watched the performance. We all agreed that we loved the show - it had amazing music, lightning and effects.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Dance update

Year 1 Dance :
Technical focus : contrasting textures in movement, contact, levels, turns, travelling pathways.
Curriculum Link : Traditional Tales
The curriculum link for this term was traditional tales with the classes exploring the different material used to build houses &  using contrasting movement dynamics, contact,  levels, turns & gestures to tell the story of the 3 Little Pigs.   

Exploring moving as light as material [or straw] and gently landing into the shape created

Year 2 Dance:
Technical focus : Creating still, strong shapes, balance, contrasting textures in movement.
Curriculum Link : Woodland creatures, literacy – writing key words.
After Christmas, we thought about our favorite types of chocolate and explored how we could use movement to describe them! Here is a group being observed for their ‘Aero’ chocolate ‘moving like bubbles’ exploration.

For our curriculum link, we watched a video of woodland creatures & explored how we could change levels, execute a variation of jumps, turns, gesture & stillness to move like those creatures. We also explored how we might move ‘over, under & around’ each other, like the creatures did in the video ! We were also very good at creating interesting shapes with levels & copying those shapes.

Year 3 Dance
Technical details : Repeating gesture patterns, canon, unison, travelling pathways, contact, levels, Hip-hop grooves
Also focus on increasing core conditioning &  cardio fitness as part of our warm up.
Year 3N have spent Spring 2 exploring basic hip hop grooves and will next term create its own class groove to show case for the summer term ! This activity included the task of creating a repeated pattern movement phrase to a count of 8 and to a section of the beat.

Focusing on our curriculum link of ‘The Titanic’ class 3N created a video explaining the difference between unison & canon using a motif inspired by giant cranes building the titanic.

 Year 3S had the opportunity to perform their titanic ship dance to their parents & guardians & demonstrated the use of canons, unison, gesture patterns, travelling pathways & contact.