Friday, 31 March 2017

Dabbing angles!

Some crazy Year 6s and their equally crazy teachers have been catching on to the dabbing craze! Check out our angle measuring - which angle do you think makes the best dab?

Good Egg Award Winner KS1!

We are so proud of a certain someone winning the end of term Good Egg Award... This is how we celebrated. How lovely it is to see such companionship and pride for each other in our pupils! Very proud teacher moment! 
Miss N 😃

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Year 5 Space Music

Year 5 have been using Garageband to compose weird and wonderful music inspired by a Journey through Space. They used clusters and arrays to create an atmospheric sound and added samples. Check out their compositions at

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

World Water day colouring competition

Last week we celebrated two important events.

One was World Water day and the other was Red Nose Day.

When our school thinks about water around the world, we especially think about our twin school Tukela in Zambia, where they only have 2 toilets. This year we raised over £200 for them, which will make a big difference.

Today, Green Council met for business and one of their agenda items was judging the colouring competition. We are pleased to announce that this was the winning poster, shown below, and the winner will be receiving a huge box of magic tricks at our final assembly of the year on Friday.

Meeting Nelson Mandela's Bodyguard.

Yesterday, 14 pupils from Year 5 were invited to hear Chris Lubbe speak about his experiences working for Nelson Mandela when he was President of South Africa.  It was very inspirational so here are the pupils' views in their own words.
Image result for chris lubbe  
"Yesterday, I learnt that in the past black people didn't have the same things as white people so the black people were treated unfairly because of their black skin. In trains, black people had very little space and white people were sitting very comfortably and when a black person was sitting on a white persons' bench, a policeman could very easily arrest you or take you down very brutally. Chris's mum tried to sit down because she was very ill and sick and a bad policeman found out she was sitting on a white persons bench. He didn't help her to get to hospital, he just put her down on the cold floor. Chris started crying very much. When he called another black person to help to go to a phone to call and ambulance but he found a call box after half an hour. This ambulance finally came and took her to the hospital. The hospital man found out she was in a come. How horrible was the white people in the past and how sad. It's not important what colour skin we have. Everyone is important."

"I learn that black people and white people were separated and it was called apartheid.  Chris Lubbe told us he went on many trips around the earth with Nelson Mandela and met people like Michael Jackson and Beyonce etc.  

"I learnt that if you try your best and try to change something that's not supposed to be around then you can achieve it if you try and if you want to do something with your life then do it and don't give up.  My favourite part was when he said about how he went against apartheid and tried to get rid of it and also I liked it because when he met Nelson Mandela they came together to destroy apartheid and that's why I want to do something with my life and to change the world in a good way."

"Yesterday I learnt that apartheid was really bad and when a policeman came near a person near a white person's bench if they were coloured a really bad thing happened.  Chris Lubbe went to prison for standing up to apartheid and he had a very good friend who got shot because he stood up  to apartheid and a lot of other people got shot.  I also learnt that Chris because Nelson Mandela's bodyguard because of how tall he was and how big his shoe size was."

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Help us fund raise for the purchase of Chromebooks for our school!

Mr Newman is running his first ever marathon in order to raise money for our school to have Chromebooks.

Please help him raise the money that we need by sponsoring him via the link below:

Monday, 27 March 2017

Fantastic Friday!

On Friday we dressed in red and held a cake sale in aid of Red Nose Day and our link school, Tukela in Zambia. 

Thanks to your very generous donations and delicious cakes we raised an amazing….


We linked our learning to World Water Day - keep your eyes peeled for when we announce the winner of our poster competition!

A fantastic amount raised.

 Thank you and well done!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Put A Nose On It!

Shirley Warren have had a great day raising money for Comic Relief. Here's the red nose day song for 2017, performed in Singing Assembly this morning.

Reception's Trip

Yesterday we had a brilliant trip to Winchester Science Centre. We enjoyed exploring all the activities and thinking like scientists again. We watched a planetarium show of 'The secret of the cardboard rocket' which explored all the planets in our solar system. We loved it even if the screen did sometimes make us feel wobbly like we were in space! The children were wonderfully behaved and after such a busy day we had a well deserved rest of the way home!

Singup Day!

We celebrated national singup day by hosting a federation choirs event. Choir from Newlands, Sinclair, Holy Family and Fairisle joined our Key Stage 2 choir for an afternoon of singing. The children sounded amazing and had a fabulous afternoon.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Programming in Y4H!

In Y4H we have been beeeeeezy (pardon the pun) programming Beebots! First we talked about what an algorithm is. We said it is a set of instructions that need to be clear and specific. We then had a go at using our English skills to create a short interesting story that would take our Beebot on a journey around our map and visit some of the icons/pictures. Then we programmed the bots to follow their journey. When they went off in a different direction we had to debug our code to amend the incorrect commands. Check us out having a go in the pictures!

Friday, 17 March 2017

BeeBot Adventures in Year 3

As part of our computing learning, we learnt to program BeeBots to move around a board with pictures of different Stone Age locations. Miss Smith gave us some directions to program into our BeeBots, but she had made a few mistakes. We found the mistake or bug in the directions and reprogrammed the BeeBot so they made it to their location. 

Scientists in Y3S!

For science week this week, we have been investigating the topic change. We got given the title for our experiment which was 'catch the rainbow'. We discussed what we thought this meant and how it would link to science. We then got instructions as to how to complete our experiment. We had to add food colouring to a bowl of milk and observe what happened. We then had to add the vital ingredient... Washing up liquid! It made some amazing patterns in the milk. 

Here are some pictures of our experiments. 

Science Week in Year 5C

This week we have been investigating the moon phases. Here is a look at how we represented them using Oreo cookies. We loved our parents and carers visiting today.

Planting Potatoes

Pre-nursery children have been planting potatoes this week. The children helped to fill up the bag with soil and have been watering the potatoes on a regular basis.

During one of our snack times this week we tried mash potatoes. Which some of the children really enjoyed.

Jazz Ticket Project

Year 6 are currently learning all about The Blues and Jazz as part of the Jazz Ticket Project run by Southampton Music Hub.

The children went to Central Hall today and heard performances from local secondary schools as well as  Tomorrow's Warriors - a professional jazz band.

We also sang a song to celebrate the centenary of 6 amazing jazz musicians. Watch the video to hear the song and see some photos.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Teddy Bear Hospital

Yesterday we were very lucky in RG to get a visit from the Teddy Bear Hospital. Some trainee doctors come to help make our teddies feel better. They brought lots of equipment for the children to use such as a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff and syringe. The children loved being doctors themselves and giving these a try. They also taught us about being healthy and safe. The children assessed a home for dangers and helped keep Mr Mischief from making unsafe choices. They put the body parts in the right place on the teddy and discussed if we should eat a range of food always or sometimes.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Scientists in RG

This morning we continued our work on science week looking at 'changes'. We had discussions about what plants need to grow and looked at these things. We had some lovely flowers but they were in coloured water! The children made predictions about what will happen to the flowers. We are going to keep watching them to see what happens! We will post our findings soon...

Monday, 13 March 2017

Food scientists in Year 6!

As part of British Science Week 2017, Year 6 have been wondering... which ingredients make the best bread, and why?

First, we had to decide how we would judge the bread. We decided on three features: appearance, taste and texture.

After analysing the original recipe, we chose to have one group follow it precisely as a control to compare our findings against it. The others all chose to omit one ingredient or add more of it. For example, one group left out the salt; another group used 3 times as much margarine!

We had a great time - come along to our Science Fair presentations to find out the results of our study!

Little Scientists in Reception

As part of our Science Week here at Shirley Warren we have become scientists. All week we will be looking at 'Changes'. Our first experiment was to make slime. We followed instructions, looked at the different ingredients and carefully mixed them together. As we were working we described the different ingredients and predicted what will happen next.

We wrote down our predictions and experiences. Some of us were so motivated that made up a magic  potion recipe. We are going to make this tomorrow to see if it works. 

Friday, 10 March 2017

The Great British Spring Clean at Shirley Warren

On Monday afternoon, members of the Green Council volunteered to take part in The Great British Spring Clean and we were joined by Charlotte and Rebecca from Solent University Journalism course who made this news bite about our event.


Thank you to all of the pupils who took part.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Pre-nursery's Jungle

The Pre-nursery have enjoyed playing in our jungle role play. They have pretended to be different jungle animals using masks we have made. We have also been making binoculars with the children for them to use in our role play.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Roman Projects in 5C

Here are some of our fabulous home learning projects we made during our Roman topic. We are looking forward to sharing them during our assembly tomorrow.
Year 1 : Healthy Eating Dance : Exploring the 4 Basic Body Shapes [small, twisted, tall, wide] with the use of images of food as a stimulus.

Year 5 Dance : African dance theme : Exploring African Dance styles through creating tribal greetings and myths. Technical focus areas included balance, contact, shapes, levels, direction

Literacy in RG

Mondays are a good day in Reception where we love to find out our new literacy jobs for the week! Today we have been super tricky word spotters. The computer made the words so tiny so we had to use the magnifying glasses to read what they are! We have also been writing like astronauts as our topic is space. Astronauts often have to do things upside down as there is no gravity in space so we tried to write like that too! This is great for strengthening our shoulder muscles which will help us when we write the correct way round too. What a great start to the week.

Year 1 and The Great Fire of London

On Friday we had such a fun morning travelling back in a time machine to the year 1666 in a time machine. We met Samuel Pepys, Thomas Farriner and the Duke of York and they told us the story of The Great Fire of London. We found out where it started, we thought about why it started and what happened to London afterwards. We had to join in with role play, actions, sound effects, time travel and we even learned a rap! (Mostly because we are quite cool anyway...) The workshop made us want to find out more about the disaster so we spent the rest of the day on the computers and iPads watching videos, reading Samuel's diary entries and looking at pictures of what happened.

RE Day in Year 1

We had Matt and Janet from Southampton City Mission come in to school to teach us all about New Life. We started off by thinking about the new things growing all around us, then we listened to some stories and played some games outside and finally, we finished the day by doing some mosaic craft and we listened to another story. We had so much fun and everybody (including the grown ups) learned lots and lots!