Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Y1J's last ever selfie!

We all love a selfie in Y1J! So here is our last ever one together. Miss Jones and Mrs Bowers are going to miss you very much!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Year 5 trip to Winchester Science Centre!

Year 5 had an amazing time at Winchester Science Centre today. They got to explore all of the exhibits that the centre had to offer and then even got to watch the live planetarium show 'Flight through the Universe'. Lots was learnt, and much fun was had! The children especially liked the sprint speed, the colon cafe and the tornado. Thank you to the parent helpers we had.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Year 2H have had a fantastic term learning all about William Shakespeare's ' A Midsummer Night's Dream'. The children have enjoyed learning about the characters and the plot. They have created story maps, written letters in role as Lysander and produced and directed freeze frames to show the key parts of the play. Today we invited parents into class to show them our fantastic work! We are very proud of all the children.

Send My Friend to School Day

Today in assembly Shirley Warren presented their research about the "Send My Friend to school" campaign. Some parents and governors came to support our learning.

We got into groups and we researched about the countries we were given and about their education lifestyle and before that we wrote down what we thought we should keep in the Rights Respecting School charter.
Year 2's display board showing what we would do if we were World Leaders. Year 6 made 3d World Leaders.
One of our students quotes about if they were a World Leader
Our school received a certificate from Send My Friend to School Campaign 

Shirley Warren felt very strongly about this campaign that they will carry on helping in the future.
By K in Year 6

KS2 Summer Disco!

Last night children from KS2 came back into school in the evening for a summer disco. They had a fantastic time, and didn't stop dancing and singing!! Thank you to everybody who helped run and organize the event.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Y3R French Day

Bonjour! On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have French Day and Year 3 were learning about parts of the body as well as combining that with their knowledge of numbers and colours. We recapped our knowledge of colours and played some games to test that. We then learnt the names for the parts of the body and used that with our numbers and colours to create a monster in teams on our tables. Finally, we learnt the song 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes' in French. Mrs King was amazing and joined both classes together to make a video of this to show in the final assembly. It was a fantastique day! Au revoir!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Year 5 Space Art

Year 5 have used the work of Peter Thorpe to create their own space themed paintings. The created an abstract art background and added a space object to the foreground.

We are really impressed with the finish pieces - hope you are too!

Governor's View of French Day

"French day at Shirley Warren

I was very lucky to spend the afternoon with RG and RS who had learnt the French for 'hello', 'goodbye' and 'thank you', where France is and what the French flag looks like. 
Assembly at the end of the day gave us all the chance to see the wonderful work that the whole school had done.

Tres bien."

Alice Hodges
School Governor

Year 2 Dance Peformance

This morning Year 2 had a fantastic time showing parents what they had learned in dance this year. We had under the sea creature, sea weed and coral reef shapes. Children had to travel and change level and direction. They had a fantastic time and loved sharing their learning!

French Day in Year 5

Yesterday was French Day in school, as it was Bastille Day in France. Year 5 did all things French, and even got to try some French food and drink. They made their own fashion show which we filmed and was later shown to the rest of the school. We had a brilliant day!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

French Day

Year 2's French day started with a spot of 'petit dejeuner'. We then played some games to help us learn the names of common pets.

2H French Day 2015

2H have had a fantastic day today! It started with a French breakfast where children enjoyed fraise, raisins, banane, pomme et criossant. We then learnt how to ask and answer questions about pets. This afternoon we had a lovely time learning the colours of the rainbow and singing the rainbow song. Tous bien fait!

Year 6 French Day 2015

Today, 14th July, the whole school participated in an event which is called French Day.
French Day is to celebrate the beginning of the French Revolution. Every Year in France they celebrate Bastille Day where the poor people attacked the King and Queen's castle, which was a prison where there were only 7 people and the King wanted to show how powerful he was.

Our class is doing a "Ready Steady Cook" where we made sandwiches and spoke through the recipes in French.

Image result for eiffel tower

By deux monsieurs en Year 6

French Day in Year 1

Bonjour! We have had a fabulous time in Year 1 today. We have learnt colours, the days of the week and how to count...........all in French! We have also retold one of our favourite stories in French. It is called 'La Chenille Qui Fait Des Trous.' Can you guess what story it is?

Bastille Day en ecole

"I was in Year 3R and learnt my numbers, body part, colours and combing body part and colours. We were creating monsters and we could say that they had 3 multi-coloured hands. It was with great relief that I discovered that my French had not completely escaped me. It was great fun watching the children's faces when they found out that they were drawing monsters with two noses. A most enjoyable and educational morning."

Chris Thomas
School Governor

French Day

Today is Bastille Day! To celebrate this, we are having our own 'French Day.' Here is Miss Lott at the launch assembly. The school have been set the task of making a TV show. Each class will make a component of the TV show, along with other activities related to French. Keep an eye on the blog for all the different things that classes got up to.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Minstead Study Centre

Year 5 won the best class attendance for the year, as a reward they were lucky enough to be able to go to Minstead Study Centre for the day! They went exploring in the New Forest, and played some games. We then walked back to the centre and were introduced to the chickens. We had our lunch in the round house and our guide for the day (Nick) told us stories by the fire. In the afternoon the children got to go pond dipping and they made their own 'cocktails' using herbs and other plants to create some lovely smelling potions!

Final Day at Stubbington!

Here are the photos from our final day. We played Stubbington fox where the children got to be foxes and the teachers were farmers and had to try and catch the pesky foxes (this is why they had stamps all over them when they got home). The children then packed and had their final lunch.

Y2H Maths Investigation

This morning in Year 2 we had a great time completing a maths investigation. Children worked in pairs to create a large triangle using 9 smaller triangles. Each side of the triangle that touched had to make a total 10. Children showed fantastic knowledge as well as teamwork and perseverance. Well done bunnies!

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Enterprise Fayre at Shirley Warren

On Friday, each class set up their stalls to raise money money for their chosen charity. They made goods to sell and designed a game for people to play. The Friends of Shirley Warren had their own stall too! The weather was fantastic and there was a great turn out of customers buying all of our amazing products. We are waiting to see how much money we raised, but we are all sure (and proud) that we raised lots of money for charities that range in countries and purposes linked to our Rights. Here are some pictures of the afternoon.

Yr RG Assembly

Year RG put on a lovely assembly sharing their work all about the seaside. They sang a beautiful song and some number work they had been doing. We think some pirates might have snuck into the assembly too. Also, they were very brave public speakers! Here are some pictures of the assembly. Well done RG!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Stubbington: Day 4

Yesterday morning the children walked down to the beach and made their own rock pools. They went down the beach to find critters to put into their rock pools, they found crabs, winkles, the common whelk and anemones! It was great fun and all of the children found something to add in. (I think they enjoyed paddling in the water with their wellies). They searched for fossils and sharks teeth, then had a sandcastle competition in their groups. In the afternoon we went pond dipping and found animals and bugs, they caught great waterboat, dragonfly nymphs, fish and even a newt. We then went to do some earthwalks, where the children had to use their senses to explore the conservation area. In the evening we competed in our houses at the Stubbington 'S Factor', the lucky owls won! We then had a film night when we got back to our dormitories. The children are excited to come home today!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Year 5 Ice Palace Project

This week, whilst our friends are at Stubbington Study Centre, we have undertaken a project based on the book Ice Palace by Robert Swindells.

We have done setting descriptions and chalk drawings, and created our own games. We even wrote instructions for our class when they return! We have put these together in a project book, which we created from scratch.

Here are some photos of us creating our project books.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Stubbington: Day 3

We have had a very busy third day. The children (and staff) are starting to become very very tired! Last night we went out to the Hide and were extremely lucky to see three badgers and 3 foxes, the foxes came really close to us and we got some great pictures. This morning we went to collect our mammal hotels to see whether we had any visitors. We had a baby bank vole and a male adult bank vole. We learnt all about the adaptation of the vole and the mouse. This afternoon the children took part in the much awaited Earthquake activity. They had a fantastic time and only a couple of the children got wet! This evening after dinner the children took part in Stubbington Murder, where they had to find out who had murdered Deadly Demon! 08/07/15

Enterprise week

All classes are working really hard this week to be ready for Enterprise week. Lots of goods are being made in order to raise money for charity.Year Six are currently making the world's best photo frames and an amazing music CD.

I made a beautiful frame with lots of buttons and a multi-colored background that make the frame so bright that everyone will want to buy it.

This event will be held on the 10th July,which is on a Friday.  This money will be used for charity. We would love it if you can use your spare time to come to our school to look at these amazing products and bring some money with you to buy some of these.

Make sure to buy our picture frames!

By two Year 6 Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Stubbington: Day 2 part 2

This afternoon the children went into the Stubbington conservation area to search for signs and tracks of the animals. They managed to spot some paw prints, quite a few holes that animals live in and even some droppings! Year 5 then made some small mammal hotels, where they will hopefully be able to catch some animals to observe and learn about tomorrow. They are very excited as we are all off to The Hide to see if we will be lucky enough to see some badgers or foxes! 07/07/15

Art in Year 3

In Year 3 we have been recreating Anglo-Saxon writing, just like the monks used to do. Take a look at what we did.

Year 1 Grass Heads

"In Year 1, we were making Grass Heads for the Enterprise Fayre. We are selling them. They are super hero Grass Heads. We have used sawdust, felt tip pens, googely eyes, see through socks, grass seeds and pots. We hope you like them."

Dictated by Year 1F

Stubbington: Day 2 part 1!

This morning the children got up and got ready for breakfast (some were awake much earlier than others!). After breakfast they had their first room inspections and then got ready for our first session: mapping. They had lots of fun exploring all over the grounds. After break the children were making shelters...some were good at keeping the rain out, others not so great as you can tell from the pictures! They are having a great time!! More to come later from this afternoon. 07/07/15

Monday, 6 July 2015

Day One at Stubbington

We have had a fantastic first day here at Stubbington! We had a tour of the Centre, had some yummy lunch then went for a seashore walk where the children walked over 4 miles! Now we are having supper and are getting ready for bed. 06/07/15

Y3B cooked apples Anglo-Saxon style!

Today, we celebrated the end of our topic with a feast!
We followed an Anglo- Saxon recipe to bake delicious apples filled with summer berries.... Yum yum

Friday, 3 July 2015

Year 5 Guitars

Here's another great guitar performance by Year 5.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Guitar Performances

The children in Year 5 and Year 6 have been learning to play the guitar with Mrs Bacon all year. They have recorded some of their best pieces for us to share.

Maths in Year 5

This week we have been working hard at our maths in Year 5, and we got to carry out some investigations in Tuesday's lesson, we especially enjoyed the construction activity!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Year 1 go to Hillier Gardens

Year 1 went to the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens near Romsey. We had an amazing time, and luckily there was lots of shade as it was the hottest day of the year so far. We had a fabulous learning about ow plants grow, the different parts of a plant, the different leaves that we can find and the smells that plants have. We made a nature curtain using items we found on the floor, an smelly caterpillar from the herb garden. We also played a game using beans, where some got lost for different reasons, and even walked through a swamp where we found plants as old as dinosaurs. We learnt so much!!

Proms Performance

The choir and ukulele jam performed last night at the Southampton Schools Proms. It was great to see performances from other schools in the city and to be part of such an amazing event.

The children performed perfectly and sounded amazing!

Well done!