Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Hedgehog Pumpkins!

This week we have been using our gross and fine motor skills to make our hedgehog pumpkins.

The children did a fab job of collecting sticks and then using the hammer or their strong hands to push the sticks into the pumpkins to make the hedgehog's spikes.

Can you think of a name for them?

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Year 1 music compositions

In Year 1 this term we have been learning about rhythm and composition through the song "Heads, shoulders, knees and toes."

We made our own silly versions like, "leg, toe-nail, finger, wrist, finger, wrist!"

We made a musical score by sticking pictures of body parts on to card.
Then we used the claves to play and "read" our own compositions to the class.
We found out how to be a good audience and listen to others.
Well done Year 1, what a great start to music this term.

Friday, 18 October 2019

Phonics Friday

Thank you so much to all the grown ups who were able to join us for our first Phonics Friday! The children loved showing their adults all their learning about s and a. We already can’t wait for next week! 

Monday, 14 October 2019

Black History Month - Serena Williams

As part of Black History Month, in Year 1 we have been researching the Tennis star:
Serena Williams.

We have been finding out why she is a role model and what she has achieved by working hard.
Many of us want to be amazing at Tennis just like her! Some of us already go to the schools after school Tennis club, so we can practise our skills.

We have shown our findings by drawing pictures of Serena and labelling these with information and her achievements.

Next we will be researching Lewis Hamilton the Formula One race car driver.

The Big Soup Share!

Last week cooking club participated in 'The Big Soup Share'.

This event is part of RHS's campaign for school gardening.

The Big Soup Share was a chance for cooking and gardening clubs to celebrate the work they do in our garden by harvesting your crops, whizzing them up into a delicious soup and sharing it out with others.

I hope everyone enjoyed the onion soup! 

Friday, 11 October 2019

National Space Week in KS1 music lessons

Did you know this week was National Space Week?

We were sent a song to sing which was written for children in Southampton. It had a fabulous chant in the middle with all of the planets named in it.

The children from KS1 learnt the chant and the chorus while Mrs Williams sang the verse. We made up actions and then sang to our teachers in singing assembly.

Mrs Williams was very impressed as she brought in an inflatable "Jupiter" and many children in KS1 knew which planet it was.

Could you recognise any of the planets?

Shoebox Reminder

Last week, Nick from the Rotary Club came in to tell KS1 and KS2 about the Shoebox scheme which we are operating for the second year running in Shirley Warren. Last year we managed to collect about 50 boxes to send to disadvantaged children overseas through the Rotary Club.
How many do you think we can collect this year?
If you have lost your leaflet, you can collect another one at the office.
Your box needs to be in just before half term.

Dance Mat Stars in Year 1

We had so much fun yesterday dancing on the huge dance mats!
We used lots of energy and showed off some our amazing dance moves.

Well done to Cohen who was the winner of the dance competition with the most accuracy.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Black History Month

In 3C we have been researching different sports champions to celebrate black history month. We researched legends, such as Muhammad Ali, and recent successes, like Dina Asher-Smith. We then presented our findings to the rest of our classmates. As part of black history month we have also had class discussions about why it is important to celebrate people’s achievements and how they have influenced the world we live in.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Dance Mat-tastic in 2A

We had some special visitors bring some very exciting dance mats in to school today. There are definitely some movers to watch out for on Strictly Come Dancing in a few years to come! We had so much fun and we will all sleep well tonight!!!!! 

Friday, 4 October 2019

BBC World Music Day

We all know how much we LOVE music here at Shirley Warren! We celebrated the power of music along with BBC World Music Day.

We warmed up our voices and sang and listening to music the whole day - and it felt great!

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Cooking Club utilise the schools harvested vegetables

This afternoon cooking club made special treats. Mrs Wilk said there was plenty of them made to share around!

The cooking club children are reaping the benefits of gardening club's harvest yesterday.
Wow it is great we can work together and help each other!

The children this afternoon were hard at work: washing the potatoes, carrots and courgettes, peeling them and then grating them all ready for cooking.

I hope the adults at home enjoyed these yummy and healthy rosti's :)

Check back with the blog to see what amazing dishes they will make...

If you would like to make this at home then check out this recipe :)

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Gardening club have been harvesting!

After school last week the gardening club harvested potatoes which they had planted and this week it was onions. I could smell those onions from a mile away!

They washed and prepared the vegetables so cooking club can use them to make potato rosti's tomorrow, yummy!

Watch this space for pictures of the delicious, fresh food they will be making and eating.

Keep on using the environment to learn :) 

Could you plant with you children? Could you harvest and wash vegetables at home? 
Why not give it a try?!