Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Stubbington fun - day 2! (5M focus)

A beautiful bright day led us to the ‘Amazon’ and a water assault course challenge! The children had to transport three containers of liquid across an assault course.  Lots of teamwork was needed for this activity!

After playtime it was time for the next activity... shelter building!  The children had to select suitable branches for their main structure and outer sections.  Points were awarded for stability, size, sun cover and of course... waterproofing!

After a delicious lunch it was time for a stroll to the seashore for an afternoon of rock pools, sandcastle building and fossil hunting.

Following a fascinating wildlife expert slideshow, everyone settled well for the night. We all can’t wait for more adventures tomorrow!


  1. Wow looks like another exciting day , full of new adventures, hope your all having an amazing time!!
    From Daisy's mum

  2. Looks like another amazing day, hope your all enjoying yourselves. Love you lots hazza, can’t wait to see you Friday. Kelly Jacobs (Harry’s mum)

  3. Looks like your having an amazing trip girls. (Renée and Roxie). Enjoy your week and we will see you both on Friday. Xx

  4. Wow looks like your all having a blast. Hope you all having a fab time! From jaydns mum


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